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Gardhen Bilance - Athena
Gardhen Bilance - Accessori Poltrone



  • The upholstery is completely removable allowing a thorough and effective sanitization reducing the risks of cross infections;
  • Armrests move jointly to the backrest;
  • Two separate cushions for back and seat/leg functional for a perfect ergonomy and posture preventing decubitus wounds;
  • Available with a wide range of functional and exclusive accessories (see accessories catalogue);
  • Simultaneous movement of back and leg section through 1 motor; it can be implemented by 2 or 5 motors according to the requested configuration:
    – Dedicated motor for the independent movement of the backrest and the legrest (accessory
    code AC12);
    – Motorized column for height adjustment (accessory code AC28);
    – Dedicated motor for the inclination of the seat (accessory codes AC35/1 – AC35/2 – AC35/3);
    – Dedicated motor for footrest adjustment (accessory code AC13 – AC13/1); (please refer to the
    commercial offer and the accessory catalogue);
  • Excellent and ergonomic posture with decubitus wound preventive effect;
  • Painted antibacterial frame with a wide range of colours;
  • Anti-tilt frame in every operative conditions;
  • Braking system ensures high stability to the device;
  • Upholstery’s features: antibacterial / flame retardant class 1IM / antimycotic / ecologic / latex free / phtalate free and resistant;
  • Easily sanitizable with the most common used detergents;
  • Upholstery colours as per colour chart;
  • Max load capacity for standard version 200 kg (available in different sizes even with a max load capacity of 300kg);
  • Anti-tilt frame in every operative conditions;
  • Armrests with multiple adjustment functions.

Standard features

  • Simultaneous movement of back and leg section through 1 motor;
  • Lying surface divided in 3 sections (backrest, seat and leg);
  • Armrests joint to backrest’s movement, detachable, with rotating function, up/down, revolving at 90°; (please refers to the accessories catalogue for other types of armrest);
  • 10° Trendelenburg position (shock position as alternative);
  • Painted steel frame in thermosetting powder. Wide range of colours;
  • No. 4 wheels, antistatic, stainless, swivable ø mm100 with centralized brake on rear wheels; one of the front wheels is directional; (please refers to the accessories catalogue for other types of wheels or braking systems);
  • Faux leather upholstery UNI 9175/87 and 9175FA-1/94 class 1IM;
  • All the movements of the chair are controlled through the handset with 3,5lm coiled cable;
  • For patients’ safety purposes the handset is provided with an inhibition key (equipment code AC34).
  • The handset is user friendly as it features big pictograms and it is suitable even for visually impaired people; Insulation IP66. (available even with pedal controls – see accessories catalogue);
  • ABS base cover; Equipment code AC83;
  • ABS seat cover; Equipment code AC84;
  • Painted steel frame with thermosetting and antibacterial powders.
  • Wide range of colours.
  • Soft foam cushions independent and removable in 10 seconds;
  • Independent soft foam cushions: backrest cushion removable with a tool, single leg/seat cushion easily removable in 10 seconds;
  • Faux leather upholstery UNI 9175/87 and 9175FA-1/94 class 1IM.