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Gardhen Bilance - Accessori Poltrone

Frequent usage

Total independence of sections

Asynchronous movement by means of bilateral levers, located on the sides of the frame, allow adjustment of the backrest and the legrest. The Stephen H Comfort 8.0 has a fixed height and is divided into 3 different sections: headrest, backrest and legrest.

Optimized accommodation

Thanks to an evolved geometric solution, the “leg” section, when placed vertically (90°), disappears under the seat. This allows the patient to sit in the chair with his or her lower limbs perfectly perpendicular to the seat itself with every consequent postural advantage that comes with it. The-refore, all patients, even those with motor difficulties, will be able to easily sit and stand up from the chair, even frontally, assuming correct posture at all times.

Standard equipment

  • Top divided into 4 sections: headrest, backrest, seat and legs.
  • Antibacterial thermoset powder coated steel frame with wide assortment of colors.
  • Independent back section adjustable by special bilateral lever.
  • Independent leg section at 90° to the seat adjustable by special bilateral lever.
  • The armrests are upholstered and covered in soft fabric. Thanks to a special mechanism, their height can be adjusted.
  • Upholstery made from a special bi-elastic fabric of high thickness. Seamless leather-like fabric with no gaps and/or accumulation  points. Together with the special shaping, the above characteristics allow the drastic reduction of compression on the skin, ensuring,  in addition, an effective preventive and curative activity of decubitus injuries. All this results in anatomical posture and comfort,  optimal, in every clinical situation and for all patients. Fire retardant UNI 9175/87 and 9175FA-1/94 class 1IM, color of your choice –  Equipment code AC87/1. The cover allows complete sanitization with commonly used medical-surgical aids and detergents,  functional to reduce cross-infection.
  • No. 4 durable, antistatic, stainless, swivel wheels Ø 100 mm.
  • Directional braking system useful for ensuring stability of the device-Equipment code AC7P1G.
  • Swivel footrest integrated with the chair, with automatic braking system – Equipment code AC153.
  • Push handle on backrest – Equipment code AC56/C.
  • Cushions made of soft foam.
  • Pair of side panels made of HPL – Equipment code AC49.
  • ABS backrest cover – Equipment code AC86C.

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