The Company

Travelling in the future, from 35 years
The company was born in1983 as After Sales Service Centre of medical and industrial scales. After 5 years it started to manufacture medical devices with or without measurement functions with its own brand. Today designs and developes many medical devices, most of them to satisfy the specific request of the customers. A great committment of the R&D division is able to launch appreciated novelties. Marketing and communication are as well renovated with a New LOGO, a new website, a new catalogue and many other services. A confirmation of the competitive plan started a fewyears ago. Everything we present is not for everyone. Who select suppliers before the product, which chooses the logic of saving in relation to quality and requires moral guarantees in addition to those performance, becomes our customer. We offer solutions for small and large needs, without saving energy. Welcome to our family


Listening, observing and creating
We convert user information into practical solutions and Good practice manufacturing. R&D division is deeply committed to satisfy the rules. For each of our devices we take careof the smallest details with great care: the solidity, the aesthetic value, the environmental impact, hygiene, safety and efficiency. What we offer to our customers is "measured" over the time and leaves memories. A good memory is the best for the entrepreneurial spirit like nothing else and is a constant source of energy for those of us are hungry for professional satisfaction. Our mission is to identify high-performance technical solutions that ensure maximum comfort and the best performance at an appropriate price.


With the help of the feedback coming from different markets, Gardhen Bilance is constantly improving its products and developing new ones, in order to fulfill its mission. An important part of the company’s DNA is the goal to create products which are made to work for a very long time. This is put into practice by using appropriate materials and high technology. Equally important for the achievement of this goal is to ensure a “TOP LEVEL” after sales service and new integrated services.



Our production

We believe in engineering in a broader sense. We apply engineering and creativity to solve the challenges that the healthcare providers have to give the best service to their patients.
Gardhen Bilance uses the best and the latest technology in its own modern facility. Gardhen Bilance has different manufacturing lines:

  • Own products
  • Products for other brands
  • Third parts components

Gardhen bilance is well known as manufacturer of chairs and beds with integrated scales, hospital chairs and beds as well for home use, tilt tables, couches, stretchers and other specific medical devices, all complying with the European directives 93/42/EC e 2007/47/UE. The Gardhen Bilance goals are the application of the Quality Management System and of all the rules and European directives required for the conformity of the medical devices and/or weighing devices. Supervision is carried out by the Notified Body 0051 for the medical devices and 2081 for the metrological aspects. The Quality Management System complies with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012.
The cMETus certification of MET Laboratories enables Gardhen bilance to sell its medical devices as well in the countries of the North American continent.


Gardhen Bilance products can be proposed in all the following departments and so with
good opportunities in all the hospitals or private clinics.


Gardhen Bilance continuously improve the consolidate products and accessories developing new solutions. Every year new devices are launched on the market to expand the portfolio of the products.

The project are executed under the strictly requirements needed for the mandatory compliance to the directives. All the actions are conducted to grant the safety of the patients and the healthcare professionals.

Marketing and distribution

Gardhen Bilance has an established distribution network in all over the world using national distributors with they own sales and technical staff to provide commercial support and after sales service. Through the best brokers, Gardhen bilance is ready to ship via sea or air assuring competitive freight costs.

On the domestic a network agents follow up the customer every day with attractive proposal. Call our office +390818692160 or send an email to to be contacted by our Export manager.

After sales service

Gardhen bilance has a well known organization for the after sales:

  • Domestic: thousand of contracts for preventive and corrective maintenance, electrical
    safety test, metrological checking
  • Abroad: all the distributors are in contact with our internal service department for any
    enquiry about maintenance, troubleshooting and delivery of spare parts

Advanced 3D tools helps the engineers to find the proper spare parts through expanded view diagrams.
The engineers employed for the after sales service are licensed as “Qualified Technician”
by A.N.T.E.V. , the national association
in charge for qualifying the competences for electrical safety test.

Gardhen Bilance usually attendees as exhibitor to many Shows and Medical congresses.

Among the most important: