The Company


Founded in 1983 as a technical assistance center for medical and industrial scales, after only 5 years of activity we were able to produce medical devices with and without measuring function on our own.

Today we design and manufacture countless medical devices independently, many of them are manufactured according to the specifications requested by the customer. The impressive commitment of the "Research & Development" division allows us to be a step ahead in terms of innovations fuelling the competitive expansion program that has been underway for some years.

First of all, we are aimed at that user group that selects suppliers before the product, that chooses the logic of saving in relation to quality and demands moral guarantees in addition to performance. We offer timely solutions for small and big needs, without saving energy.

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Listen, observe and create


Our mission is to identify unique technical solutions to ensure maximum comfort and the best performance at a fair price. In light of that:

  • We convert user information into practical, pleasant and durable solutions.
  • We use feedback from different markets to constantly improve our products and develop new ones to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patients.
  • We are extremely careful to match mandatory standards and conditions of use.
  • We meticulously take care of our devices even to the smallest detail to guarantee solidity, safety and efficiency without leaving out other aspects that we consider fundamental: aesthetics, environmental impact, hygiene.
  • Our products are designed to last over time and leave their mark. Customer satisfaction nourishes the entrepreneurial spirit and is a constant source of energy for us.
  • We offer a "top level" after-sales service to our customer and new integrated services for assistance and quality.

Our catalogue

Gardhen Bilance brand: for 40 years we have been manufacturers and distributors of chairs and beds with integrated scales, armchairs and hospital beds for hospital and home use, intensive care beds, tilt tests, examination tables, stretchers, rehabilitation benches, weighing systems , trolleys, positioning cushions and specific medical aids. Every single device is compliant with the MDR 2017/745 regulation.

The application of the quality management system and all European directives and harmonized standards necessary to ensure the compliance of medical and / or weighing devices is our goal. Regarding medical devices and 2081 for the metrological aspects, the supervision is carried out by the notified bodies 0051.
The quality management system complies with ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2021. Met Laboratories cMETus certification allows Gardhen Bilance to place its medical devices on North American market.

DewertOkin brand: Our company is also a Technical Assistance Centre for Italy and Switzerland for the DewertOkin brands.

Other brands: in order to satisfy every kind of needs, we have integrated our catalogue with medical devices, furniture and furnishing accessories for the healthcare sector, for the beauty & wellness sector, for home stay and relaxation.

Research & Development

We are constantly engaged in the process of developing new solutions and optimizing our devices and accessories. Every year new products are launched on the market to expand our commercial offer.

Projects are carried out taking into account the stringent requirements necessary to be compliant with all the directives, regulations and international standards in force.

All actions are conducted to ensure the safety of patients and healthcare professionals.

Marketing and communication

Gardhen BilanceCommunication is fully managed by our internal marketing office with the design and creation of informative and technical catalogues and audio and video contents.

Web platforms are constantly updated to ensure the quick spread of any news regarding our range of products.

Sales and Distribution

For the international market we use local distributors who, with their own sales and technical staff, guarantee commercial assistance and after-sales service. The shipment is entrusted to high-profile brokers able to guarantee the best service by sea or by air.

Since 2022 we have also been offering the possibility to comfortably purchase many of our products through the e-shop, an up-to-date solution especially designed for private customers, which guarantees them the same courtesy ever.

After sales technical support

Our team is ready to assist you with every kind of technical information

We are able to provide a high-profile after-sales technical service in Italy and abroad.
In reference to the technical assistance service in countries other than Italy, all distributors are in contact with our internal assistance department for any request for information on maintenance, troubleshooting and spare parts’ shipment.
Advanced 3D tools will help the clinical engineer and maintenance technicians to search for the correct spare parts through exploded-view drawings

Exhibitions and events