Gardhen Bilance

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Gardhen Bilance - Accessori Poltrone

Frequent usage

Easy Entry & Easy Egress

Easy entry
Thanks to an advanced geometric solution, the “leg” section disappears under the  seat.
This allows the patient to sit on the chair with the lower limbs perfectly  perpendicular to the seat itself. Comfort and postural benefits will derive from this position.

Therefore, all patients, even those with motor difficulties, can easily sit down and get up from the chair, even from the front, always with a correct posture.

Easy egress
UP chair facilitates the patient’s exit with a correct postural approach. Backrest, seat and leg sections move simultaneaously and automatically, raising the patients a semi-erect position according to their height.
The device is equipped with three memory functions indeed, each of these positions facilitates the exit of patients according to the size. The following images represent an example of the Patient’s “Lift” or Verticalization function.

Gardhen Bilance - UP

Standard features

  •  Steel frame painted with thermosetting powders, anti-tilt that ensures stability in all operating conditions. Wide range of colours as per colours chart.
  • Lying surface divided into 4 sections:
    – Headrest (manually adjustable in height) – Equipment code AC33.
    – Backrest section adjustable through dedicated buttons – Equipment code AC12.
    – Leg section adjustable through dedicated buttons – Equipment code AC12.
    – Back and leg sections can be moved simultaneously through dedicated memory buttons.
  • The height of the device can be adjusted electrically from 55 to 95cm through a telescopic column with rectangular section. Equipment code AC28/200-400.
  • Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg .
  • Armests movement synchronized with the backrest. The armrest can be removed, rotated, tilted up/down, overturned up to 90°. They are ergonomic, padded and seamless ensuring high comfort. – Equipment code AC30/C1.
  • Handles for transport from a place to another. Thanks to its shape the operator can move the chair very easily even when the patient is seated – Equipment code AC56/C1.
  • No.4 swivelling and stainless wheels, diam.100, length 30mm non-marking.
  • Centralized braking system (simultaneous lock of each wheel) with steering system. It can be activated through bilateral levers – Equipment code AC7P2G.
  • Emergency button for the inhibition of every electric movement – Equipment code AC74/3.
  • ABS Cover for base – Equipment code AC83/C.
  • ABS Cover for seat – Equipment code AC84/C.
  • ABS Cover for back – Equipment code AC86/C.
  • Three separate cushions (made of soft foam) back, seat and legs, functional for: excellent posture, ergonomics and preventive effect of pressure ulcers.
  • Class 1IM leatherette upholstery, can be sanitized with commonly used detergents. With antibacterial, antifungal, anti-stain properties. Colors as per colour chart – Equipment code AC87/1.
  • Handset / control panel with 3,5m coiled cable for the electric movements of the chair. A dedicated key for the inhibition of the movements will be provided – Equipment code AC34P.
  • Bilateral handset / control panel support – Equipment code AC25P.
  • Supplementary head cushion adjustable in height. Made out of expanded foam and antibacterial upholstery – Equipment code AC27/8.

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