• The “long-life” system provides energy for a normal days use.
  • The movement of the sections are made via low voltage motors controlled by an handset easy accessible to the patients.
  • Upholstery fully removable uniquely designed for easy cleaning.
  • The leg rest is composed of two hinged joints. The lower part can be tilted at 90° degree and becomes a comfortable support for the feet. The opening and the
    closing of this part are made through slight foot pressure.
  • Configurable and upgradable with many accessories.
  • Painted steel frame with antimicrobial coat. Wide range of colour.
  • There isn’t any tilt in case of CPR and in all operative conditions.
  • Unique multifunctional armrest.
  • Fabric antibacterial, flame retardant, antimicotic. Resistant to alchool, hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorite sodium 5%, latex free, no phtalates. Available in a wide range of colours.
  • Max load standard version 140 kg.

 Specification and standard accessories

  • Painted steel frame with antimicrobial coat.
  • Motor for simultaneous movement of backrest and legrest.
  • Nr. 4 stainless swivel wheels ø mm 150; 2 swivel wheels and 2 with central brake.
  • Movement by handset with easy access for the patient.
  • Trendelenburg 10°.
  • 3 separate cushions, backrest, seat and legrest supported by 3 separate easy wipe surfaces.
  • Cleanable fabric with antibacterial and antimycotic properties.
  • Rotating, removable and adjustable height armrests joint to the seat, in stainless steel.
  • Flame retardant fabric UNI 9175/87 and 9175FA-1/94 1IM class.
  • Max static load (fixed height): 140kg
  • 2 motors battery boxes.
  • Stainless steel mechanics for armrests.
  • Supplementary handset support.
  • Movement handle

Application field

doctor's room
day surgery
short hospitalization
home health care
blood donation
emergency room
semi-intensive therapy
transfusional therapy
patient transport
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