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Gardhen Bilance

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Gardhen Bilance - Accessori Poltrone

Frequent usage

Minor surgery
Oftalmic surgery


  • Available in 2 versions, with high and low backrest.
  • Multifuncitonal surgery chair with high stability. It can be used for a wide range of surgical interventions.
  • Structure manufactured with carefully selected materials with a non-reflecting surface.
  • High density mattress.
  • Covered in seamless upholstery made out of carefully selected fabric with antibacterial, water resistant and non-toxic properties.
  • Independent movement for the best postural adjustment.
  • Head section provided as a standard. A wide range of headrests is available for all kind of surgery.
  • Removable armrests. They can be rotated externally and overturned.
  • Frame with a reduced footprint. It allows an easy approach to the device.
  • No wear parts.
  • Wholly sanitizable structure.
  • The device can be equipped with a wide range of accessories according to surgeon’s needs.
  • Anti-schock position.
  • H24 operativity without connection to the electrical grid.
  • 530mm minimum height. The minimum height is lower compared to other standard medical devices allowing a very easy access for patients of all sizes.
  • The egress position allows easy exit to patient with reduced mobility.
  • The base of the device is made out of stainless steel. Common used detergents can be applied to clean the device.

Standard features

  • Lying surface divided in 4 sections with double articulation divided in: headrest, backrest, seat and leg.
  • Lying surface is covered in high density expanded foam with a high rate of antibacterial protection.
  • Seamless upholstery divided in two separate sections (backrest and seat/leg).
  • Motorized backrest.
  • Motorized legrest.
  • Height adjustble through motorized columns.
  • Motorized Trendelenburg.
  • Headrest movements are synchronized to the backrest. A wide range of headrest is available: accessory codes ACS1, ACS2, ACS3 o ACS4/1.
  • Bilateral multifunctional armrests.
  • No.8 stainless steel DIN bars that can be equipped with a wide range of accessories.
  • Transport knobs are located on both back and leg ends for the high backrest model, they are available only on the leg end for the low backrest version.
  • Anti reflecting coating with thermosetting powders.
  • A dedicated software allows an easy handling of the movements.
  • Low voltage 4000N motors.
  • Multi-voltage power supply.
  • Twin wheels diam.100mm with centralized brake.
  • Equipotential node.
  • No.2 rechargeable and removable batteries. They grant a h24 operativity to the device.
  • Charger included.
  • Control panel for movements’ handling (it is described in details in the following pages).