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Frequent usage

Configurations of the sections of the lying plane

  • Model 7285RT70 – 2 sections with increased top
    Backrest section adjustable by gas pistons.
    Fixed basin section.
    Adjustable leg section with 5-position telescopic lifting joint.


  • Model 7285RT71 – 4 sections with increased top
    Backrest section adjustable by gas pistons
    Fixed basin section.
    Femoral section adjustable by gas pistons using the handle placed at the end of the foot section.
    Adjustable leg section with 5-position telescopic lifting joint.

Standard equipment common to all models

  • Steel mesh frame with integrated preparation of multifunctional supports at the corners, which allow the insertion of accessories.
  • All steel parts are painted with epoxy powders, easy to sanitize and resistant to corrosion and chemical agents.
  • HPL radiolucent lying surface with mattress stops.
  • Folding steel handles placed on the foot end.
  • Push handle in steel placed on the head side.
  • Steel bumpers placed at the ends of the frame and on the perimeter.
  • Variable height electrically adjustable via push-button panel, bringing the device from a minimum height of 550 mm up to a maximum height of 850 mm.
  • Motorized trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg adjustable via push-button panel.
  • Nr. 4 wheels ø 200 mm antistatic, non-marking, revolving on ball bearings.
  • 5th ø 150 mm directional wheel activated with pedal.
  • Braking system with 3-position foot pedal:
    • Free wheels;
    • Braked wheels;
    • 5th directional wheel.
  • Pair of lateral containment sides made of compass-shaped extruded aluminum alloy (collapsible), easy to sanitize.
  • Accessories holder bar.
  • Protective shaped technopolymer cover for all mechanisms and flat surfaces.
  • Compartment located on the cylinder holder cover and/or container compartment for inserting other objects as needed.
  • Static mattress, with removable cover made of open cell expanded polyurethane foamwith a height of 6 cm
  • Mattress cover made with a special bi-elastic fabric (washable, hypoallergenic and fireproof class 1IM with antibacterial and antifungal properties and resistant to sanitization with common disinfectants used in hospitals and outpatient clinics).
  • The sanitization method of the device offered is compatible with (non-dedicated) chlorinederived products capable of developing an amount of available chlorine (approximate to active chlorine) equal to 500-1000 ppm or hydroalcoholic solutions based on chlorhexidine gluconate at the 0.5% or hydrogen peroxide-based products (e.g. Incidin OXY FOAM flc. 750 ml for surfaces).

It is a Pam Mobility product
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INTERNATIONAL: Worldwide except Germany, Scandinavian, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Nederland, UK

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