Stephen Scale H Comfort – 2.0

Hospital chair with integrated scale

The chair designed for the prevention and control of cross-infection


Gardhen Bilance - Accessori Poltrone

Frequent usage

Features of GB Touch

  • Power on via Soft Touch Key
  • Movement management
  • Low voltage power supply
  • Plastic indicator box with IP65 insulation
  • Battery status indicator
  • Display lighting control
  • Screen saver
  • Night mode
  • Smart Functions
  • Full control via android/ios/windows app GBSmart
  • Scheduled maintenance setting
  • Language setting: Italian – English – French – Spanish – German
  • Digital protection against accidental or unwanted access

Features and functionality of the weighing system

  • Weight reading via 10.1” HD touch screen display
  • Patient master data
  • Patient location indication
  • Tare: automatic and manual always visible
  • Unit indicator: unit of measure selectable between kg and lbl
  • Capacity:
    – Standard – 200 kg;
    – Bariatric – 300 kg.
  • Automatic double scale minimum division display:
    – Standard – 50g up to 150kg: 100g from 150kg up to 200kg;
    – Bariatric – 50g up to 150kg: 100g from 150kg up to 300kg.
  • Weight loss alarms
  • Patient descent alarms
  • Access log
  • Remote parameter control
  • Automatic data transmission to enabled ports
  • Porta Ethernet 10/100
  • Optional: WI-Fi/Bluetooth combo module – USB A port for weight data transmission – USB B port for external printer connection – RS-232 port – RS-485 port.
  • Backup battery to ensure autonomy of weighing system in power failure – equipment code AC17/P

Other features of the medical device

  • Thermoset powder coated steel frame .
  • Top divided into 3 sections: back, seat and legs.
  • Simultaneous and independent movement of back and leg sections by 2 motors – Equipment code AC12.
  • Trendelenburg position.
  • Armrests integral to the backrest movement, removable, with swivel function, tiltable up/down, 90° folding (see accessory catalog for other type of armrests) – Equipment code AC30/C1.
  • No. 4 durable, antistatic, stainless, swivel casters ø 100 mm.
  • Simultaneous brake galvanized steel rear wheels – Equipment code AC7P1G.
  • All chair movements are controlled by a perimeter hand control equipped with a 3.5 m coiled cable. The hand control is easy to use as it is made with large raised pictograms and is also suitable for visually impaired patients. The hand control has 10 keys with 2 memories.
  • For patient safety, the hand control is equipped with a key for control inhibition – Equipment code AC34P. IP66 insulation.
  • Double-sided push-button panel support – Equipment code AC25P.
  • ABS cover for base – Equipment code AC83;
  • ABS seat cover – Equipment code AC84C;
  • ABS cover for leg rest – Part number AC85C;
  • ABS backrest cover – Equipment code AC86C;
  • Cushions made of soft foam.
  • Fire-retardant leatherette upholstery UNI 9175/87 and 9175FA-1/94 class 1IM – Equipment code AC87/1.
  • Touch screen display, located on the back of the backrest – Equipment code AC167.
  • Integrated weighing system.