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Device designed to optimize the procedure for the collection and disposal of hazardous medical waste at risk of contamination



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Frequent usage

Emergency room
Operating room


  • The frame is suitable for heavy use, and there is not any risk of corrosion. You can use any container providing it will fit on the base safely.
  • It is equipped with 4 trackless swiveling wheels. The size of the wheels depends on the maximum load required.
  • The easy to use handle makes the trolley very controllable even in small spaces. Since it’s extremely lightweight and compact, it can be stored easily. The frame is very compact,
    strong, and lightweight.
  • This trolley has a sturdy structure by use of a plastic material (technopolymer) and with a painted steel plate with epoxy dusts to obtain the best lightness, manoeuvrability and use practicality.
  • Intuitive and easy to use, ANNE is made out with first class materials. It is light but very strong.
  • The base is made of painted steel with thermosetting powder and it is protected first of all from a platform in stainless steel. On the top of the first platform there is a second platform in stainless steel and on top of it is placed the box of hazardous hospital waste. It has two handles that it can be removed to be disinfected. The two platforms are joined magnetically.
  • It is equipped with 4 trackless swiveling wheels.
  • The use of the ANNE reduces the handling of the hazardous hospital waste minimising the risk of biological contamination