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Features of GB Touch

  • Power on via Soft Touch button
  • Movement management.
  • Low voltage power supply.
  • Plastic indicator box with IP65 insulation.
  • Battery status indicator.
  • Display lighting control.
  • Screen saver.
  • Night mode.
  • Smart functions.
  • Full control via GBSmart app for Android/iOs/Windows.
  • Scheduled maintenance setting.
  • Language setting: Italian – English – French – Spanish – German.
  • Digital protection against accidental or unwanted access.
  • Back lighting management (in the presence of optional AC185 components).

Weighing system features and functionality

  • Weight reading via 10.1” HD touch screen display.
  • Patient master data.
  • Patient location indication.
  • Tare: automatic and manual always visible.
  • Unit indicator: unit of measure selectable between kg and lb.
  • 200/300 kg capacity.
  • Automatic double scale display minimum division:
    50g up to 150 kg and 100g from 150 kg up to 200/300 kg.
  • Converter: 24bit, 10,000 divisions.
  • Weight drop and patient descent alarms.
  • Access log.
  • Remote parameter control.
  • Automatic data transmission to enabled ports.
  • 10/100 Ethernet port.
  • On request: WI-Fi/Bluetooth combo module – USB A port for weight data transmission – USB B port for external printer connection – RS-232 port – RS-485 port.

Other features of the medical device

  • Anti-tilt and non deformable frame coated in thermosetting and antibacterial powders
  • 2 sections patient surface in HPL.
  • Motorized adjustable height 400 mm
  • Servomechanized backrest that can be adjusted through a gas spring. Electric version available upon request (see aivalable accessories).
  • Motorized Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg through telescopic column with rectangular section.
  • Foldable side rails couple – Equipment code ACB3.
  • CPR control lever for backrest handling
  • Nr. 4 antistatic stainless swivable wheels ø 200 mm – Equipment code ACB14- with simultaneous brake activated though bilateral pedal and directional system –
  • Equipment code AC7L2G.
  • Nr. 4 folding carrying handles positioned both on the foot and head side for optimal grip during transport – Part No. ACB124.
  • Nr. 4 buttons handset for the activation of the motors. For patient safety, the hand control is equipped with a key for control inhibition, equipment code AC34L Pedal controls also available upon request (see aivalable accessories).
  • Lateral bumper bars.
  • High density expanded foam mattress.
  • Removable mattress height 80 mm (aivailable 100 mm height upon request).
  • Upholstery: with anti-bacterial properties, flame retardant class 1IM, antimicotic, ecologic, latex free, phtalate free. Resistant to: alchool, sodium hypochlorite max 5%, a wide range of common used detrgent, liquid and other biological fluids. – Equipment code AC87/1.
  • Cable support – Equipment code AC50L.
  • Oxygen tank holder – Equipment code ACB10.
  • No. 4 inserts for IV pole – Equipment code AC4LS.
  • Powered through 4,5 A interchangeable battery (n°2 as standard equipment) with charger included.
  • Touch screen display, located on the back of the backrest – Equipment code AC167.
  • Integrated weighing system