Stephen Scale H Ybrid

Chair bed with integrated scale

Bed, chair or Stephen H-Ybrid…
The alternative recovery



weighing system:

  • STEPHEN SCALE H -YBRID has an integrated weighing system, metrologialc approved and at the top of accuracy, compliant to the directive NAWI 2014/31/EU.
  • Weight display with double scale and automatic displaying of the division 50g until 150 kg and 100 g until full scale, for the best weighing of low weight patients.
  • Display with red LED light, visibility over 20 m
  • Display IP44.
  • Anti blackout function with rechargeable long life batteries.
  • Tare subtraction before and during dialysis.
  • Tare mode : automatic and manual mode.
  • Data transmission RS232 o LAN 10/100.
  • Storage and transfer of the datas.
  • Weighing system made out with electronic parts manufactured in Italy


  • The STEPHEN H-YBRID offers all the benefits of a multitherapy chair and bed. The design has been optimised for use in every departments in terms of functionality and size. The bed-chair is used for hospital use during assessment, diagnosis and care.
  • The project STEPHEN H-YBRID, represents also an innovative furniture solutions, trying to reduce the patients discomfort.
  • The device STEPHEN H-YBRID can be used for the patient transfer inside the hospital. It is available with side rails or armrest.
  • Five low voltage motors provide maximum flexibility so that the device can be easily moved by a handset accessible by the patient.
  • Pushbutton on both sides enable the reaching of clinostatic position, in alternative on request the Trendelenburg position or the shock position.
  • The STEPHEN H-YBRID has been designed with tissue viability and reduced cross infection as a paramount consideration. All the HPL surfaces are easy to wipe clean and are resistant to fluid adsorption.
  • There are frame and motor covers to make cleaning easy and reduce the risk of contamination and cross infection.
  • The fabric used to cover the cushions is impregnated with SANITIZED®, an antimicrobial and anti-micotic compound, or in alternative with fabric suitable to the intended use and all the paintwork is antimicrobial as well.
  • There are numerous fabric colour options to choose from to suit your particular requirements.
  • Available in a wide range of colours.

Application field

doctor's room
day surgery
short hospitalization
home health care
blood donation
emergency room
semi-intensive therapy
transfusional therapy
patient transport

Specification and standard accessories

  • Painted steel frame with atimicrobial coat.
  • 4 motors: back, seat inclination (AC35/1), leg (AC12), foot (AC13/1).
  • Height adjustment by 2 columns (AC28/300).
  • 4 wheels stainless, sviwelling ø 100 mm.
  • Central and directional brake (AC7P2G).
  • Handset accessible to the patient.
  • Mattress with antibacterial and antymicotic fabric, flame retardant.
  • Padded cushion for foot (AC16/1)
  • Armrest: AC30/H1.
  • ABS cover for base (AC83/H), seat (AC84/H), back (AC86/H) sections.
  • Pushbutton for Clinostatic position.
  • Handset support on armrest.
  • Transport handle (AC56).
  • Integrated weighing system
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