Stephen Scale H Ybrid

Hospital chair with integrated scale

Bed, chair or Stephen H-Ybrid…
The alternative recovery

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Gardhen Bilance - Accessori Poltrone

Frequent usage



Weighing system:

  • The device is equipped with an integrated digital weighing stystem, metrologically approved and at the top of accuracy compliant to directive NAWI 2014/31/EU.
  • The weight is displayed on a touch screen HD 10.1” with a 160° visual angle (the display controls also bed’s movements).
  • Low voltage power
  • Box in palstic with IP65 insulation.
  • Soft Touch Button to switch the screen on
  • POST – Power-on Self Test.
  • Countdown for weight loss.
  • Full scale limit.
  • Scale stabilizer.
  • Weight loss alarm.
  • Patient exit alarm.
  • Programmed maintenance alarm.
  • Battery indicator.
  • System’s updates.
  • Patient’s identification data.
  • Patient’s place indicator.
  • Automatic zero at switch-on.
  • Tare: Automatic and manual, always visible.
  • Reading mode: This features will enlarge the section related to the weight on the screen up to 8,5”
  • Initial weight: Automatic initial weight memorization into patient’s personal data sheet. All the data will be transmitted.
  • Automatically to the USB and Ethernet port with Checksum protection.
  • Final weight: Automatic final weight memorization into patient’s personal data sheet. All the data will be transmitted automatically to the USB and Ethernet port with Checksum protection.
  • Weight loss: Graphical and numerical display of the weight.
  • Optimized graphic with instantaneous weight display – weight loss duration – weight loss delta – countdown. Excellent digital graphic and prompt displaying of the following data: weight loss – weight loss time – weight loss delta – countdown, with relative graphic representation; Intelligent system that recognizes the presence of the patient on the bed.
  • Unit of measurement indicator: The unit of measurement can be choose between kgs and lbs.
  • With a max load capacity of 200 kg automatic displaying of the minimal division of 20 g up to 60 kg, 50 g up to 150 kg and of 100g up to 200 kg.
  • Triple scale option.
  • Converter: 24 bit, 10000 DIVISIONS.
  • Automatic data transmission to ports.
  • Memory functions up to 20.000 weighing.
  • Interfaces: No.1 Ethernet + N°2 USB (interfaces scan RS232/USB) – BT and Wi-Fi (optional).
  • Battery status indicator.
  • Hour and date always visible.
  • Six motors single or simultaneous activation.
  • PUSH&GO motors system.
  • Up to 5 available memories.
  • Opprtunity to switch-on up to 4 external devices (e.g lamps, electric bell, operator advise).
  • Display lightning control.
  • Screen saver.
  • Night mode.
  • Smart function.
  • Communication system between multiple indicators through Ethernet and WiFi.
  • Complete check through app for Android/ Ios / Windows and GBSmart.
  • Remote parameter control.
  • Displaying of user manual and service manual.
  • Connection to digital devices through RS485.
  • Progammed maintenance option.
  • Tampering protection with code NSA.
  • Tampering protection cells ANTISWAP.
  • Access register.
  • Failure and malfunction handling.
  • Error reset.
  • Assistance call-button from the device.
  • Remote failure identification.
  • Remote maintenance.
  • Remote tare verification (only when digital load cells are present).
  • Remote locale software’s update.
  • Digital identifying label.
  • Language setting: English – Italian – German – Spanish – French.


  • The Stephen H Ybrid device represents an innovative furnishing solution that reduces the patient’s psychological distress. Transforming itself into a practical armchair, it offers particular and favorable postural conditions in every clinical situation.
  • Perfectly suitable for patient’s transport.
  • It is available with side rails or armrests.
  • Anti-tilt frame, it prevents any tilt in every operative conditions.
  • Through no.5 low voltage motors activated via handset the chair/bed can be set in several positions.
  • It is possible to place the patient into clinostatic position through the emergency buttons located on both sides of the device. In alternative, it is possible to have the Trendelenburg or Shock position.
  • The Stephen H-Ybrid it’s a particularly unique device. It features a sturdy surface in HPL panels which support the removable mattress.
  • The device can be provided with a wide range of accessories (see accessories list).
  • The upholstery is out of washable and certified leatherette, with antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is extremely resistant and has the following characteristics: antibacterial, class 1IM fire retardant, antifungal.
  • It is also resistant to: alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorite
  • Sodium max 5%, and to the commonly used disinfectant products.

Standard features

  • Painted steel frame in thermosetting powder. Wide range of colours.
  • No.4 motors for the movements of the following sections:
    -Motor for the independent movement of the leg section and the back section Equipment code AC12.
    -Motor for the inclination of the seat Equipment code AC35/1.
    -Motor for the regulation of the footrest equipment code AC13.
    -Height adjustment performed by two motorized columns Equipment code
  • No. 4 Ø 100 mm swivable wheels in stainless steel.
  • Centralized braking system through bilateral pedals with directional system Equipment code AC7P2G.
  • Bilateral emergency button for clinostatism Equipment code AC74.
  • Transport handle Equipment code AC56.
  • Chair’s movements are controlled by a 10 buttons handset with a 3,5 mtl coiled cable; For patient’s safety purpose the handset is provided with an inhibition key, equipment code AC34P. The handset is user friendly and has visual pictograms useful for partially sighted people. Insulation IP66.
  • Bilateral support for handset located on the armrest. It can be easily reached by the patient. Equipment code AC25P.
  • Supplementary headrest cushion adjsutable in height. It is amde out of expanded foam with antibacterial cover Equipment code AC27.
  • Soft and removable cushion for footrest Equipment code AC16/1.
  • Adjustable armrests Equipment code AC30/H1.
  • ABS cover for base Equipment code AC83/H.
  • ABS cover for seat Equipment code AC84/H.
  • ABS cover for back section AC86/H.
  • Upholstery in flame retardant leatherette UNI 9175/87 e 9175FA-1/94 class 1IM – Equipment code AC87/1.
  • Digital multifunction scale display, placed on the back of the backrest – Equipment code AC167.
  • Integrated weighing system