Francis AV 2.0 (Bariatric)


Multifunctional and height adjustable couch


Gardhen Bilance - Apri scheda PDF

Frequent usage

Multifunctional couch
Physical therapy
Doctor’s room
Ultrasound diagnostic
Endoscopic exams


  • Bariatric couch for examination with motorized height adjustment with low tension electric motor 4000N.
  • Easy accommodation granted by a low minimum height. It is available in a wide range of alternatives.
  • Shock position can be achieved by adjusting the backrest section. It helps venous return when hypotension occurs. Furthermore the device can be properly adjusted to achieve the correct patient positioning according to medical and surgical needs.
  • The sturdy frame allow to withstand to shock and high pressures. The features will grant a long lasting high performances during the entire lifetime of the device.
  • Ant-tilt frame designed to be extremely safe in every operative conditions even with over-size patients.
  • The upholstery is made out of special leatherette. It is certified as antibacterial and antimycotic and it is easy to clean with common use detergents.
  • The lying surface can be provided with a removable section without any extra cost. This feature is essential for ultrasound scan.
  • Max. load capacity 350kg..

Standard features

  • Lying surface divided into 2 sections.
  • Adjustable backrest via gas spring 0-70°.
  • Motorized height adjustment up to 300 mm through columns with high stability (a 400 mm elevation version can be equipped upon request).
  • Sturdy frame made out in painted steel, painted with epoxy termosetting paints, the colour is customizable (wide range of colours at page 8).
  • Quick release of the backrest to favour CPR maneuver – Equipment code AC8L.
  • Antibacterial, antimycotic and easy cleanable coating in Class 1IM leatherette – Equiment code AC87/1 (wide range of colours at page 8).
  • Expanded foam mattress with high density.
  • No.4 wheels diam.150mm swivable and antistatic with braking and directional system activated through bilateral pedal.
  • Centralized braking and directional system made out in galvanized steel. The braking system can be activated through bilateral pedals – Equipment code AC7L2G.
  • Equipotential node.
  • Motorized Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg. These movement can be achieved through telescopic columns – Equipment code AC152.
  • Handset with 8/10 buttons for movements.
  • Handset inhibition’s key – Equipment code AC34L.