Francis EL


Examination couch with electric height adjustment


Standard Features

  • The lying surface is divided in 2 sections with 1 joint;
  • Reinforced frame, made out in steel painted with epoxy paint enriched with antibacterial. The colour is customizable upon request;
  • The backrest can be adjusted from 0° to 60° through piston (gas spring). The movement can be activated with levers located on both sides;
  • Adjustable height adjustment through electric actuator controlled by mobile push-button panel.Minimum height 50 cm, maximum height 90 cm, with 40 cm range.
  • The 2-button handset is equipped with a 3.5 m coiled cable. For patient safety, the handset is supplied with a key to inhibit the commands, code AC34L. The handset is easy to use as it is made with large relief pictograms and is also suitable for visually impaired patients; IP66 insulation;
  • No. 4 swivel castors with brake (ø 125 mm), non-marking, low rolling resistance, very quiet, smooth running on ball bearings and high capacity. Each wheel is equipped with a special brake activated through pedal;
  • Matress in expanded foam with high density;
  • Upholstery: with anti-bacterial properties, flame retardant class 1IM, antimicotic, ecologic, latex free, phtalate free. Resistant to: alchool, sodium hypochlorite max 5%, a wide range of common used detrgent, liquid and other biological fluids. – Equipment code AC87/1.