Francis Scale

Doctor‘s visit couch with integrated scale

Italian design and technology in the world


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Frequent usage




  • Two for one
    Thanks to the medical device FRANCIS SCALE, the ambulatory becomes biggest. The space that is usually used for the personal scale could be used for a different purpose. FRANCIS SCALE, replaces the conventional examination couch.
  • Frequent and speed weighing
    As soon as the patient sits on the FRANCIS SCALE the weight can be read immediately. The
    use of this medical device is user friendly and helps the frequent assesment of the patient
  • Easy access
    The height of the laying surface, available in several version, is arranged to the physical
    anthropology for geografic area optomized from statistical data.
  • Life expectancy
    FRANCIS SCALE is manufactured with a robust metal frame, that accomodates a strong load cell. Differently from usual personal scale FRANCIS SCALE is permanent and not
    trasportable. This is a guarantee of long life service.
  • Safety
    An anti tilt frame ensures that it is safe to use for large patients.
  • Hygiene
    The upholstery uses a fabric (synthetic leather) which is certified with antibacterial
    and antimycotic properties which is also easy wipe clean.
  • Metrological accuracy
    This medical device is made in Italy at Pomigliano d’Arco factory. The technological
    reliable solutions used, improve the performance of the weighing system, displaying
    the weight accuretly. The size of the FRANCIS SCALE weighing platform, guarantees stability and easy access, representing a better metrological solution for weighing patients.

Weighing system:

  • FRANCIS  has an integrated weighing system, metrologically approved and at the top of accuracy, compliant to directive NAWI 2014/31/EU;
  • LCD digital display with 180° digital angle, easily readable even from 20 meters;
  • Automatic triple scale display:
    • a) with a max load capacity of 200kg automatic displaying of the minimal division of 20g up to 60kg, 50g up to 150kg and of 100g up to 200kg;
    • b) with a max load capacity of 300kg automatic displaying of the minimal division of 20g up to 60kg, 50g up to 150kg and of 100g up to 300kg;
  • Data transmission RS232 or LAN 10/100;
  • Compliance with the more common management softwares in use in hospitals with remote data acquisition;
  • IP44 display;
  • Anti-blackout function for weight data retention;
  • Long-life external emergency battery;
  • Tare weight subtraction before the treatment and during the treatment;
  • Manual and automatic tare function;
  • Weighing system made out with electronic parts manufactured in Italy;
  • The LCD display allows to keep the following parameters visible: hour; weight of the patient; inserted tare weight; inserted or removed weight; weight reduction routine; countdown for weight reduction routine; max load; weight / date / therapy’s starting time; motors movimentation; scale stabilization; weight reduction alarm; bed exit alarm; alert for programmed maintenance;
  • Stainless steel load cells with a max load of 1000kg and an overload capacity of 2000kg.

Standard configuration

  • Two section surface with gas spring backrest.
  • Expanded foam cushions high density covered with antibacterial and antimycotic
    fabric. (Colour charts available).
  • Fixed height.
  • Leveling feet.
  • Rollrest.
  • Digital display for the patient weight
  • Rechargeable battery for the display.