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Outstanding comfort for electrically adjustable beds
Many functions for electrically adjustable beds: The HE150 control unit has been designed not only for high performance, but also for maximum comfort. So it has two built-in under-bed floor lights in addition to its several relaxing massage functions. These lights not only enhance the appearance of the bed, but also improve safety in darkened rooms. Thanks to the simple tool-free installation process, the HE150 can be quickly installed onto electrically adjustable beds.

Up to four drives can be connected to the control unit for the electrically adjustable beds; this enables complex, customized motions to be carried out. An external voltage source with protective extra-low voltage is used for the power supply. More safety is provided by the integrated overcurrent switch-off and by a button on the control unit which executes the reset function.

Best design freedom for electrically adjustable armchairs thanks to its compact design
The compact design of the HE150 control unit enables it to be used in space-critical products – this is perfect for electrically adjustable bed systems that have very low construction heights. The control-unit’s well-designed housing has no visible screws so it is perfect for beds that wish to make an impeccable impression.

Extensive configuration options for all kinds of electrically adjustable beds
The bi-directional 2.4 GHz radio control built into the HE150 allows all functions to be executed wirelessly. The interference-free radio transmission system, patented by OKIN, can reliably transmit signals at any time. The control unit can be combined for use with any of the OKIN 2.4 GHz radio hand-held remote controls. Thus, electrically adjustable beds can be equipped with suitable hand-held remotes depending on their individual designs. The HE150 also features Bluetooth. This makes it possible for iOS/Android-based smartphones or tablets to be used when making convenient bed adjustments. The user-friendly pairing process gives users audible and visual feedback when connecting the control units. The built-in multifunctional port (MFP) can also be used to connect cabled hand-held switches to the control unit. Other connectivity options include a USB charger with an iOS-compatible USB socket and a power-down box.

There is a special patented memory function that does not use Hall sensors. The control unit can be used together with an OKIN Powerpack rechargeable battery to adjust the bed without mains power. It is also possible to move both halves of a bed in parallel using the HE150 control unit.

  • Max. 4 drives
  • Integrated 2.4 GHz radio bidirectional controller
  • Integrated Bluetooth for iOS and Android
  • Power supplied via external voltage source (DC).
  • Key for reset function
  • Massage functions
  • Two integrated floor lights under bed
  • Multi-functional port (MFP)
  • Patented memorization functionality without Hall sensors
  • Parallel movement




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