Therapy Bike

Gardhen Bilance -Accessori poltrone

Medical device for exercising during the dialysis

The exercising during
the dialysis improves the life




  • The chair is positioned on the bike frame assuring good stability avoiding wobbling feeling during the biking BENEFITS ON THE NUTRITION:
  • Increased appetite
  • Increased protein intake (increased plasma levels of albumin)
  • Reduction of cachexia
  • Reduction of myopathy
  • ↓Symptoms related to anxiety, depression
  • ↑ Improved quality of life
  •  ↓Perceived disability
  • ↑ Restoration of work
  • Increase in the KT / Vsp
  • Better control of phosphorus
  • Improved PTH stability
  • Cost savings on spending on phosphate binders BENEFITS ON STRENGTH EXERCISE:
  • Reduction VO2peak
  • the walk test improvement (sixminutes-walk test)
  •  proximal hyposthenia Improvement (sit-to stand test) METABOLIC BENEFITS:
  • ↓ VLDL and triglycerides
  • ↑ HDL
  • ↓ Insulin resistance
  •  Better control of blood sugar levelse BENEFITS HYPERTENSION:
  • ↓ Of systolic and diastolic both during dialysis that between therapy
  • Reduction of expenditure for antihypertensive drugs
  • Improvement of endothelial function (endothelium-dependent vasodilation) BENEFITS TO THE HEART:
  • Improvement of echocardiographic parameters of good heart fz indices (↑ FE, VS index, cardiac output ↑)
  • Visceral Fat Reduction epicardial
  • ↑ Activities vagal
  • ↓ Sympathetic tone BENEFITS ON THE MUSCLE:
  • ↑ Nr mm skeletal cells
  • Hypertrophy mm skeletal cells
  • ↓ Muscle atrophy
  • Restore muscle microvasculature
  • Improved mitochondrial function
  • Improved neuromuscular conduction
  • ↑ Nr T lymphocytes NK

Specification and standard accessories

  • 2 low voltage motors, activated by handset, put the pedals closer to the patient, adjusting the height and the depth until finding the proper position.
  • Terapybike is equipped with 2 wheels that help people moving it room-to-room. Light and well balanced, it can be moved by everyone in a very easy way.
  • Activator and regulator of the passive and active exercise. Chronometer.
  • The device is delivered formerly assembled, ready to use, complete of: -pedals and related containment swathes -cushion useful for little patients -instruction manual -packaging -certificate of guarantee -declaration of conformity

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