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Gardhen Bilance - Accessori Poltrone

Frequent usage

Features of GB Touch

  • Power on via Soft Touch button
  • Movement management.
  • Low voltage power supply.
  • Plastic indicator box with IP65 insulation.
  • Battery status indicator.
  • Display lighting control.
  • Screen saver.
  • Night mode.
  • Smart functions.
  • Full control via GBSmart app for Android/iOs/Windows.
  • Scheduled maintenance setting.
  • Language setting: Italian – English – French – Spanish – German.
  • Digital protection against accidental or unwanted access.
  • Back lighting management (in the presence of optional AC185 components).

Weighing system features and functionality

  • Weight reading via 10.1” HD touch screen display.
  • Patient master data.
  • Patient location indication.
  • Tare: automatic and manual always visible.
  • Unit indicator: unit of measure selectable between kg and lb.
  • 300 kg capacity.
  • Automatic double scale display minimum division:
    50g up to 150 kg and 100g from 150 kg up to 300 kg.
  • Converter: 24bit, 10,000 divisions.
  • Weight drop and patient descent alarms.
  • Access log.
  • Remote parameter control.
  • Automatic data transmission to enabled ports.
    10/100 Ethernet port.
  • On request: WI-Fi/Bluetooth combo module – USB A port for weight data transmission – USB B port for external printer connection – RS-232 port – RS-485 port.
  • Battery buffer to ensure autonomy of the weighing system in the absence of power – equipment code AC17/L.

Other features of the medical device

  • Frame made of extremely durable steel painted with thermosetting epoxy powder, enriched with antibacterial and antimicrobial.
  • Ergonomic mesh top divided into sections made of sturdy HPL easily sanitized.
  • Height of the network top functional to facilitate patient access. In addition, the presence of motorized columns ensures unparalleled stability conditions.
  • Bed structure without accumulation points for immediate and effective sanitization of the device with all commonly used detergents.
  • Low-voltage electric motors of the anti-crushing and anti-shearing type that ensure precision and smoothness of movement.
  • Provision for side protection systems (see standard equipment).
  • Quick release of the backrest by means of special bilateral release lever, useful for performing CPR emergency maneuvers.
  • Absence of under-network mechanisms and linkages to carry out complete and effective sanitation.
  • Useful floor clearance for entry of hoists.
  • Easy access for sanitizing the floor below.
  • Cable reel to prevent cable stationing on the floor, useful for preventing risks and/or accidents during health care operations.
  • Swivel, non-marking and antistatic wheels made of washable and sanitizable material.
  • The high capacity of the wheels facilitates moving the bed from place to place even with a patient on board and under all operating conditions. The low friction of the wheels makes it possible to optimize the pushing force applied by the operator, so as to facilitate sliding on all types of floors and facilitate maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • Bed free of parts and components prone to wear and seizure.
  • Absence of elements to be lubricated.
  • Absence of latex and phthalates.