Daniel Mini – Paediatric


Gardhen Bilance - Letti bilancia

Bed with integrated scale

Do you want to customise the device with the choice of upholstery and frame colours?


Gardhen Bilance - Apri scheda PDF
Gardhen Bilance - Accessori Poltrone

Frequent usage

Paediatric bed: the best for little patients

A modern, technological, advanced and customisable solution for accommodating children while ensuring maximum comfort and safety.


See-through head and foot panels to keep
the little patients always
under control

Head and foot panels equipped with colorful lights with different intensity
Lights brightness can be adjusted through the Touch screen

Gardhen Bilance - Daniel Mini - Letto Pediatrico

Weighing display

  • Weight reading via 10.1” HD touch screen display
  • Patient’s biographical data
  • Patient’s location indication
  • Tare: automatic and manual. This value is always displayed on the screen
  • Unit of measurement indicator: unit of measurement can be selected between kg and lbl
  • Capacity 200kg
  • Minimum division double scale automatic display:
    20g from 0kg to 60kg; 50g from 60kg to 200kg
  • Converter: 24bit, 10,000 divisions
  • Weight loss alarms
  • Patient descent alarms
  • Access register
  • Remote parameter control
  • Automatic data transmission to enabled ports
  • Ethernet port 10/100
  • On request : WI-Fi/Bluetooth combo module – USB A port for weight-data transmission – USB B port for external printer connection – RS-232 port – RS-485 port.


Control panel / Touch screen display

  • Switch-on via Soft Touch Button
  • Movements management
  • Low voltage power supply
  • Indicator box in plastic material with IP65 insulation
  • Battery status indicator
  • Display lighting control
  • Screen saver
  • Night mode
  • Smart functions
  • Complete control via GBSmart android/ios/windows application
  • Scheduled maintenance setting
  • Language setting: Italian – English – French – Spanish – German
  • Digital protection against accidental or unwanted access
  • Shoulder lighting management (only when accessory AC185 has been equipped on the bed)


  • Frame painted with thermosetting epoxy powders
  • Bed base made of 3-section in HPL with double articulation
  • Thermoformed ABS cover to protect the base
  • Easily removable transparent shoulders with locking/unlocking mechanism
  • Transparent side rails with cushioned descent and assisted raise, with release lever and integrated handle for movement
  • Motorized backrest section
  • Motorized femoral section
  • Servo-assisted leg section by gas springs, synchronized with the movement of the femoral section and manually adjustable
  • Adjustable height, motorized Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg through electric columns
  • Cardiological position with roto-translation of the backrest
  • Motorized bed extender with up to +400 mm
  • Anti-crushing and anti-shear low voltage electric motors
  • Swivel, stainless, non-marking wheels, diameter 150 mm with centralized braking system
    and directional system. Activated by foot pedal
  • Quick release of the backrest for easy CPR
  • Battery box – to power the device in case of power failure
  • No.4 bumpers.
  • Automatic cable reel
  • Equipotential node
  • Predisposition for IV pole
  • Bilateral bag holder hooks
  • Clearance allows lifts ior hoists fitting
  • Touch screen display for managing movements and the weighing system
  • Additional 10-key push-button panel