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Gardhen Bilance - Apri scheda PDF
Gardhen Bilance - Accessori Poltrone

Frequent usage


Weighing system

  • The device is equipped with a digital weighing system integrated in the structure of the bed that holds the record of great metrological fidelity, in compliance with the restrictive requirements of NAWI 2014/31/EU.
  • The weight is displayed on a touch screen HD 10.1” with a 160° visual angle (the display controls also bed’s movements).
  • Low voltage power
  • Box in palstic with IP65 insulation.
  • Soft Touch Button to switch the screen on
  • POST – Power-on Self Test
  • Countdown for weight loss
  • Full scale limit
  • Scale stabilizer
  • Weight loss alarm.
  • Patient exit alarm.
  • Programmed maintenance alarm.
  • Battery indicator
  • System’s updates
  • Patient’s identification data
  • Patient’s place indicator
  • Automatic zero at switch-on
  • Tare: Automatic and manual, always visible
  • Reading mode: This features will enlarge the section related to the weight on the screen up to 8,5”
  • Initial weight: Automatic initial weight memorization into patient’s personal data sheet. All the data will be transmitted
  • Automatically to the USB and Ethernet port with Checksum protection.
  • Final weight: Automatic final weight memorization into patient’s personal data sheet. All the data will be transmitted automatically to the USB and Ethernet port with Checksum protection.
  • Weight loss: Graphical and numerical display of the weight.
  • Optimized graphic with instantaneous weight display – weight loss duration – weight loss delta – countdown. Excellent digital graphic and prompt displaying of the following data: weight loss – weight loss time – weight loss delta – countdown, with relative graphic representation; Intelligent system that recognizes the presence of the patient on the bed.
  • Unit of measurement indicator: The unit of measurement can be choose between kgs and lbs.
  • Automatic triple scale display:
    a. with a max load capacity of 200 kg automatic displaying of the minimal division of 20 g up to 60 kg, 50 g up to 150 kg and of 100g up to 200 kg.
    b. with a max load capacity of 300 kg automatic displaying of the minimal division of 20 g up to 60 kg, 50 g up to 150 kg and of 100 g up to 300 kg.
  • Converter: 24 bit, 10000 DIVISIONS.
  • Automatic data transmission to ports.
  • Memory functions up to 20.000 weighing.
  • Interfaces: No.1 Ethernet + N°2 USB (interfaces scan RS232/USB) – BT and Wi-Fi (optional).
  • Battery status indicator.
  • Hour and date always visible.
  • Six motors single or simultaneous activation.
  • PUSH&GO motors system.
  • Up to 5 available memories.
  • Opprtunity to switch-on up to 4 external devices (e.g lamps, electric bell, operator advise).
  • Display lightning control.
  • Screen saver.
  • Night mode.
  • Smart function.
  • Communication system between multiple indicators through Ethernet and WiFi.
  • Complete check through app for Android/ Ios / Windows and GBSmart.
  • Remote parameter control.
  • Displaying of user manual and service manual.
  • Connection to digital devices through RS485.
  • Progammed maintenance option.
  • Tampering protection with code NSA.
  • Tampering protection cells ANTISWAP.
  • Access register.
  • Failure and malfunction handling.
  • Error reset.
  • Assistance call-button from the device.
  • Remote failure identification.
  • Remote maintenance.
  • Remote tare verification (only when digital load cells are present).
  • Remote locale software’s update.
  • Digital identifying label.
  • Language setting: English – Italian – German – Spanish – French.


  • Reinforced frame in high performing painted steel, with thermosetting paintenriched with antibacterial products.
  • Total absence of mechanism and leverism underneath the bed surface for an efficient sanification.
  • Ergonomic patient surface covered with HPL panels for easy sanification.
  • Emergency power supply system by rechargeable batteries. 10 cycles duration.
  • Headboard and footboard shoulders can be immediately removed by means of a light and resistant mechanism.
  • 400 mm bed extension to accommodate even taller pediatric patients.
  • Side barriers made out of transparent material, designed to protect and supervise the little patients. Handle with integrated lever for movement (see
    standard configuration).
  • Distance from the floor useful for entry lifts.
  • Easy access to clean the floor underneath the bed.
  • Lying surface height 565 mm, high performing in presence of motorized columns and integrated weighing system.
  • Ruote di elevata capacità per facilitare lo spostamento anche con paziente a bordo.
  • High load wheels allow easy movement even while the patient is on the bed.
  • Absence of parts that need to be greased.
  • Thermoformed ABS base cover.
  • Latex and phtalates free.

Standard configuration

  • Net height 565 mm made of HPL 3 sections with double articulation.
  • Motorized back section 0-71° (approx.).
  • Motorized femoral section 0-30°.
  • Movimentation of the leg section by gas spring, synchronized with the leg section 0-35°.
  • Height adjustament column.
  • Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg carried out by motorized telescopic columns.
  • Painted steel frame in thermosetting powder.
  • Manual bed extension up to 400 mm – Codice dotazione AC61/3 (available in motorized version with extension up to +400 mm accessory code AC61/4).
  • Quick release of the backrest through dedicated lever for CPR emergency manoeuvre – Equipment code AC8L.
  • Emergency battery – Equipment code AC17L.
  • Head and foot board in thermoplastic material with HPL panel – Equipment code AC65.
  • Side barriers made out in transparent material. Handles with integrated levers for movement. Safety lock for sides, made with a positioning piston with blackoxide steel flange. Possible stop in retracted position. – Equipment code AC71.
  • Non-marking swivel wheels Ø 150 mm with centralized braking device in galvanized steel with directional system. Activated by means of a bar located on the rear side – Equipment code AC7L2G.
  • ABS thermoformed base cover.
  • No. 4 bumpers.
  • Cable holder – Equipment code AC50L.
  • Equipotential node.
  • 10 buttons handset. Movements are controlled by handset with a 3,5 m coiled cable. The handset is user friendly and has visual pictograms useful for partially sighted people. For patient’s safety purpose the handset is provided with an inhibition key – Equipment code AC34P. Insulation IP66.
  • Handset inhibition key – Equipment code AC34L.
  • Predisposition for IV pole – Equipment code AC4L/S.
  • Touch screen display located behind the head board – Equipment code AC167
  • Bag holders.
  • Manual door pocket placed on the back of the device.