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Motorized headrest version


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Frequent usage

Minor Surgery
Ophthalmic Surgery

Motorized head section with multiple movements.
Equipment Code ACS43:
Allows you to adjust the height and / or inclination of the patient’s head according to surgeon’s need. This equipment is crucial when it comes to minor surgery and eye surgery interventions. The activation of two independent motors allows the surgeon to adapt the patient’s head to each stage or operative condition in relation to both type of intervention and the patient’s conformation. The height adjustment of the headrest is synchronous to the backrest, this guarantees the correct occipital / nuchal support of the patient regardless of the position of the backrest. Furthermore, the position of the headrest can be further optimized manually.
The two motors can be operated by:

  • Control panel (standard equipment – page 3);
  • Foot pedals located on the floor (accessory ACS43 / 2 – page 13);

The use of the pedal allows the surgeon to operate more easily adjusting the head with precise movements without using the hands and avoiding direct contact with the device.


Standard features

  • Lying surface divided in 4 motorized sections with double articulation divided in:
    • Motorized head section through two independent motors that can be used to change inclination and height. Hedrest’s movement is synchronized with the backrest;
    • Motorized backrest section with independent movements
    • Motorized seat section to adjust inclination and height through telescopic columns with high stability.
    • Motorized leg section with independent movements.
    • Motorized Trendelenburg.
  • Low voltage 4000N motors.
  • Multi-voltage power supply.
  • Movements are entirely controlled by the control panel (standard equipment) and/or foot controls (accessory).
  • A dedicated software allows an easy handling of the movements.
  • Headrest available from the following: ACS1, ACS2, ACS3, ACS4, ACS4/1; pediatric models ACS1P, ACS2P, ACS3P are also available. In the absence of preferences the code ACS1 will be provided.
  • Twin wheels diameter 100 mm with independent brake.
  • Multifunctional bilateral armrest.
  • No. 10 stainless steel DIN bars that can be equipped with a wide range of accessories.
  • Non- reflecting coating with thermosetting powders.
  • High-density foam top.
  • Special coating without seams or interstices, made with carefully selected technological material with the following properties: water repellent, non-toxic, antibacterial, antifungal, antistatic, ecological, latex free, without phthalates. Ultra-resistant coating to: alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite (5%), commonly used disinfectants, liquids and physiological substances. Fireproof eco-leather UNI 9175/87 and 9175FA-1/94 class 1M. (equipment code AC87 / 1).
  • Upholstery in black fabric (other colours available – download colours chart via QR code at the page 30). Upholstery divided into 2 separate sections, one for the back section and the other for the seat / leg sections. The operating table is also available with a single seamless cover (accessory code ACS27)
  • Knobs for transport located on the leg section.
  • Equipotential node.
  • No.2 rechargeable and removable batteries. They grant a h24 operativity to the device.
  • Charger included.

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