Our policy

Our management's commitment to the development and maintenance of the quality management system is intense.

The involvement of our staff on quality issues is constant and is supported by the documentation prepared to ensure compliance of the quality control system with current regulations and international standards.

The quality management representative has the task of preparing, implementing and keeping up-to-date all the processes involved in the quality management system.


Gardhen Bilance, thanks to several achievements, has made the strategic choice to adapt to changing global scenarios by the internationalization of its market, improving the effectiveness of internal and external processes in order to make the organization more and more competitive.


We have built a wide range of international dealers during the years and our aim is to expand our international web of distributor during next years.


By attending fairs, congresses and exhibitions both nationally and internationally, we acquire greater knowledge of the market and its evolution day by day. The same events allow us to listen to the needs and expectations of consolidated and potential customers.


The information collected here represents a constant stimulus to succeed over the challenges that the market often put in face of the company. For that reason, we are daily committed to renewing and increasing the commercial offer using the latest technological solutions.


Gardhen Bilance is well-known for the production of chairs and beds with integrated scales, armchairs and beds for hospital and home use, intensive care beds, tilt tests, examination tables, stretchers, rehabilitation benches, weighing systems, trolleys, positioners and medical aids.

There are over 125 models included in our range that are fully compliant to European regulation 2017/745.

Great attention is paid to the regulatory aspects and in the application of the "production quality assurance systems". The surveillance of the latter is entrusted to the notified bodies 0051 and 2081.

The certified company management system for quality complies with "ISO 9001: 2015", "ISO 13485: 2021" standards.