Mose Mini – Paediatric

Gardhen Bilance - Letti degenza

Hospital bed

Italian design and technology in the world


Gardhen Bilance - Apri scheda PDF
Gardhen Bilance - Accessori Poltrone

Frequent usage

ICU (intesive care hunit)


Gardhen Bilance - Daniel Mini - Letto Pediatrico

See-through head and foot panels to keep
the little patients always
under control

Gardhen Bilance - Daniel Mini - Letto Pediatrico

Head and foot panels equipped with colorful lights with different intensity
Lights brightness can be adjusted through the Touch screen



Control panel / Touch screen display

  • Switch-on via Soft Touch Button
  • Movements management
  • Low voltage power supply
  • Indicator box in plastic material with IP65 insulation
  • Battery status indicator
  • Display lighting control
  • Screen saver
  • Night mode
  • Smart functions
  • Complete control via GBSmart android/ios/windows application
  • Scheduled maintenance setting
  • Language setting: Italian – English – French – Spanish – German
  • Digital protection against accidental or unwanted access
  • Shoulder lighting management (only when accessory AC185 has been equipped on the bed)


  • Frame painted with thermosetting epoxy powders
  • Bed base made of 3-section in HPL with double articulation
  • Thermoformed ABS cover to protect the base
  • Easily removable transparent shoulders with locking/unlocking mechanism
  • Transparent side rails with cushioned descent and assisted raise, with release lever and integrated handle for movement
  • Motorized backrest section
  • Motorized femoral section
  • Servo-assisted leg section by gas springs, synchronized with the movement of the femoral section and manually adjustable
  • Adjustable height, motorized Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg through electric columns
  • Cardiological position with roto-translation of the backrest
  • Motorized bed extender with up to +400 mm
  • Anti-crushing and anti-shear low voltage electric motors
  • Swivel, stainless, non-marking wheels, diameter 150 mm with centralized braking system
    and directional system. Activated by foot pedal
  • Quick release of the backrest for easy CPR
  • Battery box – to power the device in case of power failure
  • No.4 bumpers.
  • Automatic cable reel
  • Equipotential node
  • Predisposition for IV pole
  • Bilateral bag holder hooks
  • Clearance allows lifts ior hoists fitting
  • Touch screen display for managing movements
  • Additional 10-key push-button panel