Freddy P – Paediatric cart

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Paediatric cart for every kind of emergencies

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Frequent usage

Intensive Care Unit
Hospital’s room

Paediatric cart for every kind of emergencies


  • The cart features No.9 coloured drawers placed according to the Broselow system: Each drawer has a colour matching with different parameter of weight, height and age of the child. They contain all the necessary things for resuscitation, including already dosed medications.
  • Accessories in stainless material.
  • Single body and self-supporting structure.
  • Perfectly suitable to be used in narrow places thank to its reduced footprint.
  • Despite its small size it is actually very capacious.
  • Swivable wheels with sliding system for easy driving.
  • The cart is upgradable with a wide range of accessories that can be placed on the DIN bars located on 3 sides.
  • Push and pull extra tray.
  • Anti-tilting structure.
  • Table top made in plastic material without sharp edges for easy cleaning and disinfection.
  • Drawers in steel sheets, sliding on glides with automatic lock.
  • Drawers’ centralized locking system.
  • Glides can support up to 30 kg.

Standard features

  • First drawer provided with guarantee seal.
  • No. 10 self-destructing seals.
  • No. 3 lateral DIN bars.
  • No. 1 back DIN bar.
  • Centralized locking system with key.
  • Double key.
  • No. 4 swivable and stainless 125 mm wheels of which 2 with pedal brake. No marking, extremely silent, sliding on high performing roller bearing.
  • No. 4 bumpers for each corner of the base.
  • Push and pull extra tray.
  • Table top with integrated push handle.