Tilt Test (TTPD2 A/V)

Gardhen Bilance - Tilt test

Tilt Test

Innovation and technology for an artfully designed device

UGS : GB0031.SP Catégorie :


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Frequent Usage

Cardiology/Syncope unit


  • Motorized table, normally used for the passive postural variation or Tilt test. It is further used in physiotherapy, rehabilitation, ultrasound examinations and
    wherever optimal postural condition for patient examination are needed.
  • Frame made with thick steel, CNC processed and painted in polyester powder. Table with fine washable leatherette.
  • Padding in washable polyurethane foam. The fabric is designed and certified with antibacterial and antimiycotic agents. Soft to the touch and extremely sturdy, it has elastic properties and it physiologically follows the thermoforming
    properties of the pillows.
  • Cleanable fabric available in a wide range of colors.
  • Footrest integrated to the structure with semi-rigid base with PVC protection.
  • A powerful low voltage motor operated with foot controls ensures the adjustment of dynamic table. Two gas springs that follow the rotation of the dynamic table ensuring a quick and accurate postural adjustment with no quick acceleration. This medical device is also equipped with adjustable height table, with motorized columns.
  • This medical device for tilt test is equipped with two motorized columns for the height adjustment.
    The table TTPD2 A/V is equipped with two systems for the quick release in supine position. The first safety device is connected to the motor and it is activated through a light pressure of a lever, allows the quick return of the table to the horizontal position. The second safety system is fully electric. It ensures, through an emergency button, the automatic release of the table in supine position (see accessory TTPE).

Specification and standard configuration

  • Swivelling wheels for transport.
  • Parking and leveling feet.
  • Linear actuator for the movement of the lying surface.
  • Shock absorbing device.
  • Adjustable height of the table by motorized columns.
  • Lowered mattress with high density foam and antibacterial and antimycotic fabric.
  • Flame retardant class 1IM upholstery. UNI 9175/87 and 9175FA-1/94.
  • Digital display of tilt angle, accuracy one degree.
  • Electro-mechanical quick release in case of power failure.
  • Handle.
  • Safety belts with quick release.
  • Dooble footswitches with flexible cable.
  • Predisposition for accessories.
  • Thermal overcurrent circuit breaker.
  • Equipotential node.
  • Speed during upward movements 10° every 2.5”
  • Speed during downward movements 10° every 1.75”.