Riabilitazione e Fisioterapia
Revalidatie en fysiotherapie

Innovative Rehabilitation Bench


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Frequent Use

Postural Re-education
Sports Medicine

How to optimise the effectiveness of rehabilitation physiotherapy

The Vitruvius bench originates from the need to improve the effectiveness of rehabilitation therapies.

Rehabilitative, antalgic, pain-relieving, preventive and therapeutic gymnastics involves static and dynamic treatments of the structures that support and move our bodies.

Rehabilitation treatments put a strain on the therapist, all the more so if they are forced to operate on devices that are not fit for purpose.
The therapist is therefore exposed to the risk of occupational diseases.

The Vitruvius bench is designed to facilitate the physiotherapist in the performance of their profession and to optimise the effectiveness of therapeutic treatments.

The simultaneous or alternating mobilisations of the lower and upper limb supports, which can be moved in all directions in space, allow the therapist to act on several parts of the body at the same time.

In addition, the compact size of the bench makes it easy to move even to the patient’s room in
rehabilitation facilities.


  • Motorised height-adjustable bench with low-voltage lifting columns.
  • The device features a heavy-duty structural steel frame designed to withstand enormous loads and
    stresses. All these qualities make for a long-lasting, high-quality manufactured product.
  • The anti-tipping, non-deformable frame is designed and manufactured to ensure maximum safety in all working conditions, even with over-size patients.
  • The upholstery is made of a special antistatic faux leather fabric, designed and certified with specific antibacterial and anti-mycotic properties. It can be sanitised with commonly used detergents and medicalsurgical aids.
  • The high-capacity castors, which facilitate movement even with the patient on the bench, feature a brake system that can be operated simultaneously through the foot pedal control fitted on the base of the device.

Standard equipment

  • Medical device consisting of an anti-tipping frame manufactured in thermosetting powder-coated steel.
  • Laying surface divided into 6 sections, 5 of which are movable (backrest, (two) independent upper limb supports, (two) independent lower limb supports).
  • Height adjustment through telescopic columns with rectangular crosssection.
  • Upper limb supports with extension adjustment through low voltage electric actuators.
  • Double swivel castors, 125 mm diameter, non-marking and complete with retractable stand operated by foot pedal mechanism.
  • Pair of Velcro straps for upper limbs – Part number AC169.
  • Pair of Velcro straps for lower limbs – Part number AC170.
  • Motor battery box – Part number AC17P.
  • Cable reel.
  • 3 thermoformed covers to protect the base, the backrest and the seat