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Gardhen Bilance - Apri scheda PDF

Frequent usage

Endoscopic Examinations
Medical Centre
Ultrasound Diagnostic


  • Examination couch with adjustable height and low tension 4000N motors.
  • High performances and long lifetime are ensured by its sturdy structure and by the robust frame.
  • The frame is designed to avoid any tilt and it is safe also for over-size patients.
  • The coating is made out of special leatherette. It is certified as antibacterial and antimycotic and it is easy to clean with common use detergents.
  • The lying surface can be provided with a removable section without any extra cost. This feature is essential for ultrasound scan.

Standard configuration

  • Lying surface divided into 2 sections.
  • Adjustable backrest via gas spring 0-70°.
  • Motorized height adjustment up to 300 mm through columns with high stability (a 400 mm elevation version can be equipped upon request).
  • Sturdy frame made out in painted steel, painted with epoxy termosetting paints, the colour is customizable.
  • Quick release of the backrest to favour CPR maneuver – Equipment code AC8L.
  • Antibacterial, antimycotic and easy cleanable coating in Class 1IM leatherette – Equiment code AC87/1 (wide range of colours at page 8).
  • Expanded foam mattress with high density.
  • No.4 wheels diam.150mm swivable and antistatic with braking and directional system activated through bilateral pedal.
  • Centralized braking and directional system made out in galvanized steel. The braking system can be activated through bilateral pedals – Equipment code AC7L2G.
  • Equipotential node.
  • Motorized Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg. These movement can be achieved through telescopic columns – Equipment code AC152.
  • Handset with 4 buttons for movements.
  • Handset inhibition’s key – Equipment code AC34L.