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Gardhen Bilance -Poltrone operatorie

Tables opératoires polyfonctionnellesn

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UGS : GB0192.SP Catégorie :


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Frequent usage

Minor Surgery


  • Suitable for laser surgery.
  • No-reflecting surface.
  • High density mattress.
  • Silica fabric, water repellent, no toxic, antibacterial, high resistance to biological liquid and disinfectant.
  • Indipendent movement for the best postural adjustment.
  • Reduced footprint.
  • High stability, suitable for the transfer of the patient.
  • No wear mechanism .
  • Fully sanitisable.
  • Suitable for the fitting of a few of accessories (i.e. cot sides, armrests)
  • Antishock position

Standard configuration

  • Table with 3 sections and 2 joints.
  • No. 6 bilateral guides in stainless steel for the accessories fixing.
  • Motorized back section.
  • Motorized leg section.
  • Height adjustment with 2 telescopic columns – high stability.
  • Motorized trendelenburg.
  • Preset position software.
  • Low voltage motors – 4000N.
  • Multivoltage main supply.
  • Cushion made in expanded foam high density, silica fabric (tech material, high resistance,
    antibacterial properties).
  • Support surface made out in HPL panels.
  • Slidig system of the central section to limit the abdominal compression.
  • 150 mm wheels.
  • Central brake and directional brake, bilateral pedals.
  • 5th wheel diameter 100mm.
  • Equipotential node.
  • Emergency battery.
  • Anti reflecting coat with thermosetting powder.