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Gardhen Bilance -Poltrone operatorie

Operating tables

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Frequent usage

Minor Surgery

Standard configuration

  • Multifunctional operating table also suitable for laser surgery.
  • Laying surface divided into three reinforced sections with double articulation.
  • Laying surface made of sturdy HPL.
  • Space-saving frame, allowing effective 360-degree approach to the device.
  • Device with high structural stability made from carefully selected materials.
  • Stable and functional even while transporting patients from place to place.
  • Anti-reflection coating made by thermosetting epoxy powders.
  • Low-voltage electric motors of the anti-crushing and anti-shearing type.
  • Multi-voltage power supply.
  • Position management software.
  • Motorized variable height through high-stability columns.
  • Motorized back section.
  • Motorized leg section.
  • Motorized trendelenburg.
  • Assumes anti-shock position.
  • Central section sliding system to limit abdominal compressions.
  • Wheels of Ø 150mm high-capacity wheel that facilitates movement even with patient on board.
  • Centralized brake and directional system operated by bilateral pedal – Equipment code AC7L2G.
  • 5a wheel Ø 100 mm that optimizes the thrust force applied by the operator when moving – Equipment code AC118L.
  • No. 6 functional stainless double-sided DIN bars, capable of accommodating the many accessories available for this device-Equipment code AC134.
  • High-density foam resin mattress (alternative densities are available).
  • Upholstery in class 1IM faux leather, a material that can be sanitized with commonly used detergents and medical-surgical aids, with antibacterial, antifungal, stain-resistant properties. Color customization upon request – Equipment code AC87/1.
  • The femoral section and the leg section of the device, feature a single, seamless cushion.
  • Equipotential node.
  • 2 removable and interchangeable rechargeable batteries for continuous use of the device – Supply code AC17L.
  • Desktop charger
  • Push-button panel for motor drive.
  • Pushbutton panel inhibition key – Equipment code AC34L.
  • Device free of parts and components subject to wear and seizure.
  • Fully sanitizable structure.