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Optimized system for collecting and transport of hospital waste

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Frequent usage

Emergency room
Operating room
Intensive care unit


  • The base, made of thermosetting epoxy powder-coated steel, is protected by a first stainless steel platform. On this, rests a second containment platform, also in stainless steel, which houses the sanitary waste collection box.
  • The Anne Scale cart has a small footprint like the collection container and is available in several standardised sizes.
  • Intuitive and easy to use, the trolley is constructed from top-quality materials. It is light in use and at the same time structurally robust.
  • The containment platform retains the spillage of any biological substances. Equipped with handles, it can be removed and sanitised easily and effectively
  • The two platforms are made integral with each other by means of an effective magnetic attraction-sensitive added device. Thanks to the same method, the upper platform automatically centres itself at the base of the trolley, making its positioning very simple and immediate. It is equipped with 4 trackless swiveling wheels. The dimension of the wheels depends on the maximum load required.
  • The trolley is guided by a curved stainless steel tube, integral to the base of the trolley and equipped with a carrying handle. The digital liquid crystal display, backlit and highly legible, is also located here. The display is protected by a stainless box and has a rechargeable battery that will run for 14 hours.
  • The continuous weight control, displayed on the digital display provided, allows the operator to perform the correct filling of waste collection boxes at the limit of their capacity. Thanks to the optimisation of the waste box filling procedures, one appreciates
    – substantial reduction in ‘time’;
    – simplified management of the ‘process’;
    – considerable reduction in the consumption of the collection boxes;
  • Reducing environmental impact by facilitating collection and disposal.