Anne scale

Gardhen Bilance - bilancia

Multifunctional trolley with weighing system built-in

Device designed to  optimize the procedure for the collection and disposal of hazar dous medical waste at risk of contamination



  • ANNE SCALE is a trolley with a scale. The dimensions are the same as those of the container for the collection. The trolley is available in any dimensions required. Intuitive and easy
    to use.
  • ANNE SCALE is made out with first class materials. It is light but very strong.
  • The base is made of painted steel with thermosetting powder and it is protected first of all from a platform in stainless steel.
  • On the top of the first platform there is a second platform in stainless steel and on top of it is placed the box of hazardous hospital waste. It has two handles that it can be removed to be disinfected.
  • The two platforms are joined magnetically. It is equipped with 4 trackless swiveling wheels. The dimension of the wheels depends on the maximum load required.
  • A highly visible LCD scale display with back light is attached to the frame, made out of bend tubular in stainless steel.
  • The display is protected by a stainless box and has a rechargeable battery that will run for 14 hours.
  • The continuous checking of the weight, readable on the digital display, allows the operator correct filling of the box for waste collecting until the limit of the permitted weight. The results of the optimization of the collecting procedures are:
    – Time saving
    – Easy management of the process
    – Reduction of the quantities of boxes used
    – Less environment impact
    – More safety for health workers and
  • Easy management of collecting and disposal process.

Available models

  • To request an offer please advise on the dimensions and the volume of the waste box.