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Multifunctional trolley in technopolymer for dialysis department

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Frequent usage

Emergency room
Operating room


  • Structure: this trolley has a sturdy structure by use of a plastic material (technopolymer) and with a painted steel plate with epoxy dusts to obtain the best lightness, manoeuvrability
    and use practicality.
  • Design: this trolley has an accurate design, in minute details, and it is in according with any environment.
  • Structure: self-supporting and monocoque structure
  • Up-side: the up-side of this trolley has a support plain in plastic material (technopolymer) it’s made in basso-relievo without sharp corners to aid the cleanliness and the disinfection.
    Height mm 1000.
  • Handle: ergonomic handle integrated on the working shelf.
  • Frontal side: the frontal side is predisposed to insertion of modular drawers fully made in plastic material (technopolymer), without sharp corners with wrap-around inside. Running noiseless of the drawers on lines with ball bearings with runstop and predisposed for central locking by key.
  • Drawers: the drawers are made fully in technopolymer; no°4 drawers size mm 300x475x137h; no°1 drawer size mm 300x475x274h; no°1 open hollow size mm 300x530h and with an adjustable shelf.
  • Locking: central locking by key
  • Left side: supplementary and sliding working shelf made in plastic material (technopolymer); a hollow equipped with four little shelves each one with a riser fully made in plastic material
  • Right side: a hallow in plastic material (technopolymer); no°1 rubbish basket; no°1 catheter-stand; no°1 little shelfs with a riser; fully made in plastic material (technopolymer).
  • Wheels: no°4 diam. mm 125, anti-cable and swivel wheels, two of them with a locking lever system, stainless steel plate, a strengthened plastic support, wheel and fork on ball bearings.
  • Buffer: perimetric integrated buffer sited on trolley base.
  • Hygiene: the particular structure allowes an easy cleanliness and disinfection.
  • Use: it is compatible with any existent organization, but it is designed for the dialysis department.
  • Safety: in conformity with the current reules

Standard configuration

  • Tubolar acessories support composed of no°1 tubolar made of painted steel, no°2 lower tubolares swupport and no°2 cramps.
  • Cubic box support for needles and bistouries It is made of stainless steel hooked on upside.
  • Multiple support gloves-stand.
  • Little basket of wire chromium-plated steel It is made of wire chromium-plated steel Length mm 390, Width mm 130, Height mm 155.
  • Set of separators in technopolymer, length mm 300. It is made of modular transparent plexiglass compartments (max no°8).
  • Overall dimensions: mm 670x640x1600h.