Straight Up – PASSIVE Lift

Gardhen Bilance - Mobilità assistita
Medical devices

For lifting people who are not able
to support their own weight

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Frequent use

Home care
Hospital care
Retirement house
Nursing home
Long stay

The electric lifter Straight Up – PASSIVE it is suitable for lifting people who are unable to support their own weight and to ensure safety in movement from a device to another (bed, wheelchair, stretcher…) avoiding any effort.
The electric lifter Straight Up – PASSIVE is designed to allow the operator to independently manage the daily activities of transfer and repositioning the patients from a rooms to another.
Thanks to the principle of vertical lifting and the width adjustment of the legs of the base, it is ideal for use in domestic and residential environments and in the rooms where the space under the bed is limited.
The set of twin wheels with brake that can be activated by foot pedal, the practical activation control with up/down button allow you to move patients who would be difficult to move manually.

Standard equipment

  • Steel frame painted with thermosetting powders.
  • Operator handlebar with pushing sensor
  • Nr. 2 front twin wheels with brake activated by pedal – 125 mm
  • Nr. 2 twin wheels which allow easy accessibility under the bed or other devices – 100 mm
  • Handset equipped with coiled cable. The handset is easy to use as it is made with large relief pictograms and is also suitable for visually impaired patients.
  • E-drive system
  • Ergo-feedback
  • Manual emergency lever for lifting adjustment
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Software
  • Output connector for data analysis
  • Capacity 175 kg.


The electric lifter Straight Up – PASSIVE is equipped with an Ergo-feedback system. This safety system helps operators to prevent physical overloads as it advices in real time if the lift is moving with too much force (Orange LEDs that flash)


The electric lifter Straight Up – PASSIVE PASSIVO is equipped with an E-drive system which allows you to move the lift effortlessly in any direction even with the patient on board.

The handlebar is equipped with a sensor which detects the thrust and communicates the direction to the 5 th wheel.

The presence of the E-drive system in the lift facilitates the work of the operators, avoiding efforts that in the long run could cause body pain.
The activation of the E-drive system occurs by automatically orienting the wheel.

Gardhen Bilance - Straight Up - Sollevatore

Straight Up –  version wthout E-drive system