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The RF Liteline features a shapely design, pleasant haptics, and a screwless housing. Its flat housing makes it very easy to hold and operate. The RF Liteline has seven buttons with blue backlighting; this ensures good visibility at all times, even in dark rooms.

The high-end wireless hand-held transmitter is equipped with built-in bi-directional 2.4 GHz radio control technology. Signals are reliably transmitted thanks to OKIN’s patented, absolutely interference-free 2.4 GHz radio transmission technology. The hand-held transmitter also features a torch flash light – clear added value compared to conventional keypads. The RF Liteline can be easily used together with all OKIN systems. A version with soft-touch surface is optionally available.

  • High-end wireless hand-held transmitter
  • 2.4 GHz bi-directional




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