Supine Head Cradle Gel Positioner

Gardhen Bilance


Gel Positioners

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Frequent use

Emergency room
Opthalmic surgery
Oral surgery
Facial surgery
Plastic surgery
Intensive care unit

An important phase of any surgery is the accommodation of the patient on the operating table. In fact correct positioning reduces the risk of ulcer formation, pressure sores and nerve injuries during the operation.

Furthermore, the patient who goes through local or total anesthesia gradually loses consciousness, motor skills or at least sensitivity to touch and pain.
He is therefore unable to perceive and react to potentially harmful external stimuli related to the position in which he is placed on the operating table or caused involuntarily and unknowingly by the health and social care staff: friction, rubbing, excessive and prolonged pressure, shocks, burns.

Therefore it is advisable to choose appropriate positioning devices that ensure correct pressure distribution and maintain the patient in the proper position troughout the intervention.

Reliable, efficient and not much expensive, the positioners are specially designed tools to prevent the onset of injuries and to relieve and stabilize any injuries already present in the patient undergoing surgery.

Gel positioners can be easily cleaned with common used detergents for opthalmic, oral and plastic surgery.

The supine head cradle gel positioner is designed for ophthalmic, oral and plastic surgery.

The colour of the gel in which the positioner is made may change according to availability.


  • Effectiveness in prevent abrasions;
  • Effectiveness in prevent friction burns;
  • Effectiveness in prevent decubitus wounds;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Sanitizable and reusable.


  • Polyurethane GEL;
  • Polyurethane coating;
  • Latex Free;
  • Antibacterial.

L.230 x P.230 x H.57mm
L.190 x P.216 x H.38mm