Gardhen Bilance - Mobilità assistita
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La soluzione innovativa per la mobilità assistita

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Frequent usage

Assisted mobility
Parking areas
Nursing home
Shopping malls
Train stations
Patient’s admission in hospital

Flexibility for every request

Integrated solution for assisted mobility. KAPPA offers an answer for short-range transfer from parking to buildings. KAPPA represents a useful aid for all those who want a walking support.

Standard features

Supporting structure designed to obtain maximum handling and control while driving.

  • Frame in AISI 304L stainless steel, guarantees its integrity in the time even if subjected to the elements of time and to intensive and frequent sanitation.
  • Seat, backrest and armrests made of polyurethane with additives UV protection.
  • Push handle.
  • Fixed rear wheels with a diameter of 200 mm and front swivel wheels with a diameter of 150 mm. They allow you to use the armchair even in paved outdoor areas.
  • Patented rear wheel locking system. Thanks to the detail system, the wheels are always braked when the lever is not pressed.
  • Steel footrest platform to facilitate patient accommodation;
  • Safety belt, with quick release system and retractor.
  • Armrests made of polyurethane, ergonomic, liftable which allow easy access to the session.
  • Available in more than one colour.