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Ideal for the Emergency Room

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Frequent usage

Emergency room
Operating room

Benefit and Specification and standard accessories

  • Structure: solid, made in technopolymer and epoxy powder-coated steel to obtain maximum lightness and maneuverability.
  • Design: accurate to the smallest detail.
  • Structure: self-supporting, monocoque body.
  • Top: large working surface with rims in technopolymer without sharp edges easy to clean and disinfect. Height from ground: mm1000.
  • Push handle: ergonomic, integrated on structure.
  • Front side: it is pre-set to house a central locking system and modular drawers. Drawers are entirely made in technopolymer, with no sharp edges and rounded interior. They slide
    silently thanks to their ball bearing rails. They are equipped with end stoppers and are pre-set for central locking system.
  • Defibrillator holder: Plexiglas tray (dim. mm390x320x20h) and stainless steel arm, 360° rotation and lockable every 10°. Supplied with two safety straps.
  • I.V. pole: made in stainless steel, heightadjustable.
  • CPR massage board: made in transparent Plexiglas and placed in front of the trolley.
  • Standard drawers: entirely made in technopolymer: no.3 drawers dimensions mm 450x485x135h; no. 1 drawer dimensions mm 450x485x275h.
  • Locking system: seal locking system; no. 20 plastic disposable seals (code 617363) supplied with the trolley.
  • Left side: sliding working surface ; built-in compartment with four small shelves with rim.
  • Right side: built-in compartment in plastic; no. 1 waste bin; no. 1 catheter or probe holder, no. 1 small shelf with rim.
  • Back side: built-in compartment with oxygen cylinder holder and safety strap to hold it; no. 1 rail with hooks.
  • Wheels: no. 4 ball bearings, pivoting, antithreads wheels diam. mm 125, two antistatic wheels and two with brake.
  • Bumper: all around bumper integrated in the base of the trolley.
  • Overall dimensions: mm 670x640x1000/1600H

Optional accessories available upon request

  • Code 266025 Locking system with shock-proof key
  • Code 617428 Suction pump shelf/holder
  • Code 617364 Liquid jar holder
  • Code 617375 1L capacity liquid jar
  • Code 617376 3L oxygen cylinder
  • Code 617377 5L oxygen cylinder
  • Code 617324 Drawer divider system with 20 compartments

Special features upon request (included in the price)

It is possible to:

  1. request a drawers central locking system with SEAL, but without CPR massage board placed in front of the trolley;
  2. move the CPR massage board to the back of the trolley;
  3. move the oxygen cylinder holder to the side of the trolley.