Gardhen Bilance - Posturò Save

Posturò save – for rotation of the bedridden patient

The positioning cushion Posturò Save is a medical device entirely Made in Italy with patented materials, shape and dimensions.
Posturò Save is a clever and innovational invention of a team of Italian clinical researchers who, by assisting bedridden patients on a daily basis, have discovered how to prevent bedsores, change underwear-underpants-diapers and take care of personal hygiene. A single operator is able to safely and effortlessly move bedridden patients, even frequently, with simple gestures.




What is it for?

  • It allows to move the patient with only one operator. This represents an epochal turning point in hospital and home care for bedridden patients. Until now, patient mobilization required two or more operators. Today, thanks to Posturò Save, a single operator can mobilize and assist the bedridden patient.
  • It allows fast and easy postural changes in complete safety;
  • Allows to easily find: scars and muscle contractures due to post-surgery (picture 1);
  • Assists in the prevention of painful symptoms (picture 1);
  • To avoid capsular jointedness’ stress of the lower limb due to prolonged extension or uncomfortable posture assumed by the patient (pictures 2 – 4);
  • Ensures correct postural maintenance of the upper limb when seated (picture 3);
  • It properly keeps the draining postural level of upper and lower limbs (picture 3);
  • Optimizes muscular abduction in lateral and supine position in hip prostheses and in the muscle pathologies involved (a correct hold in lateral abduction is essential in prostheses of the hip to avoid the dislocation of the prosthesis in abduction and the launch of the knee which would lead to joint stress on the capsular structures of the joint) (picture 2);
  • Useful for unilateral lung expansion (picture 1);
  • It simplifies cardio-respiratory excersises;
  • Improves the drainage of bronchial hypersecretion in tracheotomised patients and in pulmonary pathologies;
  • It increases and simplifies passive and active mobilization operations in neurological, cardio-respiratory and orthopedic pathologies;
  • Facilitates and optimizes patient handling during nursing (hygiene, linen change, underpad change, etc.) (picture 1);
  • Stabilizes the patient and avoids trauma during the bilateral decubitus necessary for inspections, dressings and more;
  • Indispensable for lateral decubitus post-operative (picture 1);
  • Allows alternate lateral decubitus and therefore it is essential to prevent pressure sores (picture 1);
  • For the prevention of possible dislocations, subluxations of the joint glenohumeral or plexus strain branchial for excessive traction;
  • Posturò Save, if used correctly, allows for functional postures to avoid joint overloads;
  • It allows to keep the postures in semi-flexion of the knee and in joints or prosthetic reconstruction operations (picture 2);
  • It favors the optimal postural maintenance of the limbs for the drainage of edema due to venous or lymphatic stasis (picture 2);
  • It is indicated to prevent allergies since the material used is hypoallergenic and to prevent and treat edema due to certain pharmacological therapies, oncological surgery and radiotherapy treatments.


  • The Posturò Save cushion is highly resistant to tensions and it favours mobilization manoeuvres;
  • It is built with highly resistant but not rigid material ensuring unique performances without trauma to the skin;
  • It can be sanitized with most common disinfectants;
  • It is available in three sizes (S – L – XL) for any kind of patients;
  • Unisex device;
  • It is designed to withstand intensive use;
  • It can be used by anybody, even for home care;
  • Posturò Save can be used by a single operator who with simple gestures can easily turn the patient into lateral decubitus, facilitating nursing (hygiene, linen change, sleeper change, etc);
  • A pressure ulcer is the direct consequence of high or prolonged compression of the skin tissues and the narrowing of the blood vessels. The persistent pressure (typical phenomenon in non-mobilized alluring patients) causes tissue necrosis and therefore lesions from pressure (or bedsore). Posturò Save is a decent medical device to prevent, treat and assist the bedridden patient and defend him from complications due to being bedridden and therefore to immobility;
  • Non-deformable structure and suitable coating allow use even on heavy patients;
  • The reinforced central Pivot allows perfect alignment of the vertebral column in lateral decubitus especially in the lumbo-sacral post-operative period (discopathies, canal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, etc.);
  • The convexity of the cushion makes it possible to simplify the movement of the patient even when bedridden on high friction anti-decubitus mattresses, ensuring postural maintenance even without lateral protection;
  • To help people suffering from transient or disabling pathologies, healthcare provides great clinical skills, complex structures, super-technologies, research, innovation, diagnostic machinery, medical and pharmacological therapies, surgical techniques, robots, prostheses, means of synthesis, etc. . All this is useful for treating the acute phase of the disease but, sometimes, it is not enough to avoid the typical and unfortunately frequent complications secondary to hospitalisation. During the stay in bed it is necessary to prevent impairments and/or disabilities secondary to decubitus. How is it possible? Posturò Save is a very useful medical device that comes to help qualified and also rookies healthcare operators, allowing them to perform clinically effective procedures and manoeuvres, very useful for the prevention and treatment of complications secondary to prolonged hospitalization. In practice, the achievement of the common objective (surgical, nursing, rehabilitation) will be achieved, i.e. the rapid return of the patient to “normal” life or, in the most critical situations, the improvement of the quality of life. Posturò Save allows you to perform, with a single person, maneuvers previously performed with 2 or more operators;
  • The negligible cost makes the medical device accessible to everyone.
  • Since it is made in our factories in Pomigliano d’Arco (Italy) with durable materials and high-profile processes, the Warranty is 36 months. Needless to say, be wary of imitations.