Verticalizing bed with integrated weighing system

Progressive verticalization and early mobility

Alex Version Tilt is a scale bed that autonomously allows the early mobilization of bedridden patients avoiding the risky transfer of them to other medical devices designated for this purpose. Through cycles of passive mobilization (such as progressive verticalization and / or lateral tilt) the patient will have a functional recovery that is very important to have an early discharge.The advantages of passive postural gymnastics in standing and/or tilt are synthetically represented in the following chart but already widely known in the scientific literature. Starting the mobilization process from the early stages of of bedridden patient’s hospitalization is in fact clinically strategic since it significantly reduces the side effects of long immobility that ususally occur with some severe pathologies.

The early mobility of patients also represents a significant advantage for the healthcare organization, and it is even more important if performed with this medical device which can be operated by a single operator via easily accessible controls. During the movements, the patient is completely protected by 4 safety belts adjustable in width. The early progressive mobility and rehabilitation of clinically stable patients, performed with the Alex Tilt Version, allows the patient’s emotional participation even if they are going through an acute phase of severe pathology. In fact, the patient experiencing progressive early mobility usually perceives a range of sensations and emotions that are usually linked to positive achievements and gradual recovery.