Delivery bed Nascentia

The Nascentia delivery bed is a comfortable, fully-equippedmaternity and delivery bed, which makes the bed the perfect choice for the delivery room. The expecting, birthing and recovering woman can all make use of a single bed. The Nascentia is user-friendly, equipped with every essential feature and designed with all labor positions in mind.
By removing the leg section, the partus stool, the bed can be transformed into a delivery chair in one simple movement. This section can be used for various labor positions or as a chair for the doctor or obstetrician.
The Nascentia delivery bed is an ergonomic bed, with a focus on comfort and the prevention of back injuries, both for the mother, as well as for the nursing staff and doctors. The delivery bed can easily be handled by one person, even when it is occupied by a patient, due to the 360-degree turning radius. The Nascentia delivery bed is characterized by its usability. Regulating the height, adjusting the footrests: everything is easy to operate.

Frequent usage

Labour and Delivery