Theia versione 3.0

Gardhen Bilance -Poltrone operatorie

Surgery chair


Application field

laser surgery

ambulatory surgery

ophtalmoloy surgery
maxillo-facial surgery
wrist surgery
hand surgery
humerus surgery
aesthetic surgery
dermatological surgery


Gardhen Bilance -Theia
Gardhen Bilance -Accessori Theia


  • Multifunctional surgery chair with high structural stability, suitable for various surgery.
  • No-reflecting surface.
  • High density mattress.
  • Special fabric made with water repellent, no toxic, antibacterial, high resistance to biological liquid and disinfectant material.
  • Indipendent movement for the best postural adjustment.
  • Available an head section or in alternative an headrest to be chosen from those available for the different surgeries.
  • Removable armrests with external rotation and overturning.
  • Reduced footprint.
  • High stability, suitable for the transfer of the patient.
  • No wear mechanism.
  • Fully sanitisable.
  • Suitable for the fitting of many accessories.
  • Antishock position.
  • Maintaining the battery in good state of charge, the chair is operative 24 hours without the use of the power supply.
  • The minimum height of the sitting (600mm) makes entry easy for disabled patients too.
  • The assisted exit position makes exit comfortable to people with mobility difficulties.


  • The fifth wheel allows optimal contact with the floor. A better cornering stability and a simple drive on a straight road for long distances, making the movement easier for the operators.
  • High pressure of the wheel on the floor with compensation function for uneven floors.
  • Extra soft wheel with excellent damping properties. Ideal for a silent working environment and for low vibration transport.
  • Wheel with reduced abrasion and less need for cleaning.
  • Non-marking and faster movement to accelerate the stages from admission to discharge
  • Ergonomic handle with LED indicator for system status and battery. Use to a person.
  • Heavier patients can be moved effortlessly by operator, avoiding physical pain in the neck, back, shoulders and wrists.
  • Protected against splashes of water on all sides (IPX4).
  • With standard batteries about 200 start cycles at maximum load.

Specification and standard configuration

  • Available with high backrest or low backrest.
  • Plan divided into three sections with double articulation. Seamless upholstery.
  • A headrest chosen form ACS1, ACS2, ACS3, or ACS4/1 (head section) with synchronized movement to the backrest.
  • Nr. 8 DIN rails in stainless steel suitable for the positioning of the numerous available accessories.
  • Motorized backrest articulation.
  • Motorized leg joint.
  • Motorized variable height by high stability columns.
  • Motorized Trendelenburg.
  • Position management software.
  • 4000N low-voltage electric motors.
  • Multi-voltage power supply.
  • Transport handle: head/leg side in high backrest, only leg side in low backrest.
  • Cushion made of high density expanded resin and covered with high-strength technological material with antibacterial properties.
  • Twin wheels 150mm diameter kit with independent brake.
  • Equipotential node.
  • 2 removable and interchangeable batteries for continuous use of the device.
  • Desktop battery charger.
  • Anti-reflective coating with thermosetting powders.
  • Control panel.
  • Multifunctional and removable bilateral armrest, integral with the backrest.