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Gardhen Bilance - StephenHComfort
Gardhen Bilance - StephenHComfort
Gardhen Bilance - Accessori Poltrone


  • Seamless upholstery uniquely designed for asy cleaning and effective infection control;
  • Independent headrest provided with a cavity for head acommodation. It can be adjusted in height to increase comfort and stability;
  • Patient surface divided into 4 sections (headrest, backrest, seat and legrest);
  • Electrical movements (from 1 to 5 motors according to the requested configuration);
  • Two separate cushions back and seat/leg: excellent ergonomy, preventing from the development
    of pressure sores;
  • Customizable and upgradable with many accessories. Refers to accessories catalogue or to our
  • Painted steel frame with antimicrobial coat. Wide range of colours;
  • There isn’t any tilt in case of CPR and in all operative conditions;
  • Directional and centralized braking system for an excellent stability;
  • Multifunctional armrests allows easy access for PVC insertion;
  • Fabric: antibacterial, fireproof class 1IM, antimicotic, ecological, latex free, no phtalates. Resistant to: alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite max 5%, a wide range of common used disinfectant agents, liquids and secretions;
  • The device can be sanitized with the most common used detergents;
  • Available in a wide range of colours (refers to colours chart);
  • Max load 200kg;
  • Available in standard size and bariatric size.

Standard configuration

  • Simultaneous movement of back and leg sections through 1 motor;
    It can be implemented with 4 more motors:
    1) motor for the independent movement of back and leg;
    2) Height adjustment column;
    3) Motor for the inclination of the seat;
    4) Motor for footrest adjustment;
    (for the relating codes please refer to the commercial offer or the accessories catalogue);
  • Independent and height adjustable headrest with a cavity for head acommodation;
  • Patients surface divided into 4 sections (headrest, backrest, seat and legrest);
  • Armrest movement synchronized with the back with rotating functions (for PVC insertion), height adjustable, up/down inclination, 90° tilt (code AC30/C1);
  • Trendelenburg position at 10° (shock position in alternative).
  • Steel frame painted with termo-setting and antibacterial powders. Wide range of colours;
  • N°4 durable, antistatic, stainless, swivable 100mm wheels with centralized and directional braking system for an excellent stability;
  • Flame retardant fabric UNI 9175/87 and 9175FA – 1/94 class 1IM;
  • The device can be sanitized with the most common detergents;
  • Chair controlled by an easy accesible handset (footswitches also available);
  • Soft foam cushions; seat and leg;
  • ABS base cover; Code AC83;
  • ABS seat cover; Code C84.
  • ABS leg cover; Code AC85.