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Gardhen Bilance -Poltrone operatorie

Operating tables

Italian design and technology
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  • Multifunctional operating table. It can be used for laser surgery intervention.
  • Reduced footprint frame for an easy approach to the device.
  • The device has high stability and it is made out with high end materials with non reflecting surface.
  • Mattress in expanded foam with high density.
  • Special padding made out of siliconic material with the following properties: water-repellant, non-toxic, antibacterial, resistant to both body and chemical liquids.
  • Independent joints to achieve several positions.
  • High stability for patient’s transport.
  • High performing wheels for easy transport even with the patient on board.
  • Any part is exposed to wear.
  • The device can be fully sanitized.
  • It can be equipped with half-side rails or with adjustable armrests.
  • It can be equipped with a wide range of accessories, allowing the surgeon to operate easily.
  • Anti-shock position.
  • Operativity is ensured for 24h with no need to conenct the device to the power grid.

Standard features

  • Standard features
  • Lying surface didived into three sections with double articulation.
  • No.6 DIN bars in stainless steel. A wide range of accessories can be fitted on the bars – Equipment code AC134.
  • Motorized backrest.
  • Motorized legrest.
  • Motorized height adjustable through telescopic columns.
  • Motorized Trendelenburg position – Equipment code AC112.
  • Software for mevements’ management.
  • Electric low tension motors, spline type.
  • Multitension power.
  • Padding in expanded foam with high density, upholstered in siliconic fabric, a highly performing material that is exrtemely resistant to both body and chemical liquids – Equipment code AC87/1.
  • Supporting surface in HPL.
  • Central section’s sliding mechanism to avoid chest compression.
  • Wheels diam. 150mm.
  • Centralized and directional braking system activated through bilateral pedals – Equipment code AC7L2G.
  • 5th wheel diam. 100mm – Equipment code AC118L.
  • Equipotential node.
  • Emergency battery – Equipment code AC17L.
  • Non-reflecting painting made out with epoxy and thermosetting powders.
  • Handset for movements’ activation.
  • Foot controls located at the abse of the device.
  • Paper roll holder placed behind the back – Equipment code AC11.
  • HPL side rails couple – Equipment code aC105L.
  • Inhibition key for the handset – Equipment code AC34L.