Gardhen Bilance - Apri scheda PDF

Frequent usage

Endoscopic Examinations
Medical Centre
Ultrasound Diagnostic


  • Height adjustment through electrical motor activated by pedal;
  • Rotating joints located in self-lubricated bushing;
  • Any other movements occur when adjustment is activated;
  • Head section adjustable through gas spring;
  • Frame painted with epoxy powders;
  • Lying surface with high density padding with 1IM Flame retardant standard. Upholstered in skai fabric; washable and flame retardant according to 1IM standard;
  • Threaded bushings;
  • Rollrest;
  • Adjustable glides.

Standard features

  • Sturdy base made out with oval pipe 50x25x2 cm;
  • Max inclination approx. 60° in positive and 10° in negative;
  • Superior frame made out with rectangular pipe 50x20x1,5 cm;
  • Structure made out with metal Fe360;
  • Max load 150kg.


  • Face hole;
  • Handset + T cable;
  • 4 wheels which 2 with brake.